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Service Learning

The Sayre community is involved in many philanthropic activities.  Service learning at Sayre encourages students to pursue their interest in helping others by engaging in sustained service opportunities. A commitment to serving others develops problem-solving capabilities, awareness of social, cultural, and economic differences among individuals, and an ability to address the needs of others with compassion and respect.  Students are challenged to recognize concerns in the Sayre, local, national, and global communities.   Students are inspired to be responsive to the opportunities and benefits of devoting time and talents to the service of others.

Students in all divisions participate in local service projects each academic year.  Lower and Middle School students engage in several community projects a year. Upper School students are required to perform at least nine hours of service, and as a whole, Upper School students donate more than 5000 hours of service to others.  The Service to Society class is one facet of the Upper School program which actively involves students in philanthropic efforts.  

Service projects are completed in small groups, with advisories, or individually depending on student interest and skill.  Our students support various agencies and causes, locally, nationally, and internationally.  Students also lead and organize, raising money or making other donations for the benefit of others.

The school also provides space and services for community groups.   For example, Sayre collaborates with Lighthouse Ministries to serve holiday dinners for the homeless in the Thomas A. Grunwald Buttery.  Students in each division bring in food for the dinner and socks are collected and donated to the homeless.