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Responsible Citizenship

As the only PK-12 school located in the heart of downtown Lexington, Sayre seamlessly melds the School’s progressive learning environment with the cultural resources of the surrounding cityscape, opening wide students’ hearts and minds through only-in-the-city experiences like performing a school musical in an iconic theatre, holding a mock trial in a real federal courthouse, or learning firsthand about environmental sustainability through planting and harvesting fresh food in a community garden.

Service Learning

Service learning at Sayre encourages students to pursue their interest in helping others by engaging in sustained
service opportunities.


Sayre's wellness program helps to fulfill our mission of empowering students to lead purposeful lives. Developing a strong intellect is inextricably linked to making good choices about one's health.

Sustainability & Campus Farm

Sustainability provides a framework for students to gain an understanding of economic, social, and environmental responsibility on a local, regional, national, and global scale.

Don Jacobs, Sr. Seminar

Organized around the principles of earning, owing, spending, investing, saving, and giving, the curriculum focuses on personal finance and civic responsibility.