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Parents Advisory Council (PAC)

The Parents Advisory Council (PAC) involves a few parents directly, and, in theory, involve many more indirectly.  Issues and pertinent information are shared at monthly meetings with the intention of disseminating the information to the larger parent body. The PAC is an advisory committee and therefore is not involved in setting policy within the school.

Lower School PAC

Abbie Thornberry
Anubha Bansal
Mandy Montague
Lauren Lazaro
Lauren Saini
Jordan Bennett
Jessica Gwaltney
Jonathan Simon
Lauren Broadbent
Leyla Butero
Pierce DeVan
Ashleigh Hernandez
Justine Rhode

Middle School PAC

5th Grade: Amanda Bryant, Emily Ashley Manson, Elizabeth Dorsett Williams
6th Grade: Mayuko Ashida, Sco_ Bailey, Melissa Combs-Wright, Sarah Sloan
7th Grade: Allyson Yates, Ashleigh Hernandez, Pinelopi Williams, Elise Kearns
8th Grade: Ginny Huntress, Richard Stump, Shana Raglin, Renee Kinder

Upper School PAC

9th Grade:  Asal Farhadi, Steph Steinberg, Tom Stephens
10th Grade: Michael Cairo, Lisa Edge, Megan Winfield
11th Grade: Kelly Bradley, Lorna Patches, Mike Trout
12th Grade: Blake Adams, Anu Bansal, Janelle Molloy