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Annika is in the sixth grade, and her brother Ian is in first grade. Annika likes how teachers at Sayre present subjects in a variety of ways to make learning fun. She really enjoys her science class this fall, where she is studying forensics. “My teacher made a crime scene,” she said, “and we’re trying to figure out who the culprit is."

Ian, also a science enthusiast, plans to become either a marine biologist or a paleontologist!

Sophomore Cole Pennington is excited to play a role in energizing the Sayre community. Cole talks about the revival of Spartan football, and the growth the team has already seen in two short years of play. He attributes this to the close bond shared between teammates and coaches—“...something that just doesn’t happen in larger schools,” he said. 
Freshman Anna Palumbo has delighted audiences as a tap-dancing seagull and a soprano teapot! Sayre, she says, is a school where students find endless opportunities to explore their interests and share their talents. Anna also talks about how students support and care for each other.
Ca’den Jones started in sixth grade this fall and loves the friends he’s meeting. Ca’den especially enjoys that his teachers support him not only as a student but as an athlete. His math teacher, who was a student-athlete herself, Ca’den says, understands how important it is for athletes to balance their time between sports and academics.
Fourth-grader Sally Rose says her favorite place on campus is the new Lower School Library where she seeks out books about horses. Sally Rose is studying mythology and recently performed a play with her class. She was excited to play the role of the Greek goddess Artemis, who talks to animals. Sally Rose also loves making clay sculptures in art class. 
“Personal attention is so important in a school,” says sophomore Omar Fakhoury, who has attended Sayre since he was three years old. Because they know their students so well, says Omar, teachers present material to accommodate a variety of personal learning styles. A U.S. history enthusiast, Omar also talks here about the wide range of history courses offered in the Upper School. 
Catherine "Cat" Graves, now a sophomore, came to Sayre when she was five years old. Attending a PK-12 school had a huge impact on Cat. Here, she talks about how older students befriended and mentored her as a middle school athlete, and how Sayre programming taught her to practice empathy in her daily life. 
Aleena Ahmad, grade eight, has done more at Sayre in the past few years than many of us do in a lifetime! Aleena talks about her middle school friends and teachers whom she considers “another family” to her. 
Senior Skye Park has been playing the violin since she was three years old. She now competes and performs with some of the greatest orchestras in the country, and often needs to be away from school for extended periods of time. Skye shares how Sayre teachers supported and kept in close touch with her so that she could continue her college preparation while she traveled.

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