Summer @ Sayre
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Things to Know

Explore this section for information on important dates, camp directory, and refund policy.

Drop-off and Pick-up Map

Summer @ Sayre Campus Map


Absence Reporting
To report a camper who will be late or absent from camp please e-mail or call the office, or your child’s counselor. If your child is late for a departure of a field trip, you are responsible for making other arrangements. We open at 7:30 a.m. Please do not drop off your camper before that time. Most activities for the day begin at 9:00 a.m. You will receive notice beforehand if you need to have your child arrive to camp before 9:00 a.m. Most activities are concluded by 4:00 p.m.each day. We close at 5:45 p.m.

Registration deposit: $100 per child. Nonrefundable deposit due at the time of registration.

Weekly tuition: $190 for the first child, and $180 for any additional children.

All field trips, activities, lunches, and snacks are all included in the weekly tuition fee.

Refunds will be made if your child cancels his/her registration for that week. There will be a $10 cancellation fee if the child is not transferred to another week of camp. Registration deposits are nonrefundable.


What forms of payments do we accept?

Registration is online, and credit card payments by Visa, MasterCard or Discover are accepted for registration. After online registration deposit has been completed, you may pay remaining balance in full on your weekly tuition by logging in to your account and paying with a credit card/debit card. We will also accept checks and credit/debit card in the office.

Can I receive a refund if my child misses a day of camp?

We do not prorate the weekly tuition if your child misses a day of camp during the week.

Do I pay for the weeks if my child is NOT in attendance?

A family only pays for the week that their child attends camp.

When is payment due?

Payment is due the Monday of the week a child attends camp. Registration deposit is due at the time of registration.

What medical forms are required?

Besides immunization forms, which are required at the start of camp, we require medication release forms to be filled out for all nonprescription and prescription medications. Parents should give their child’s counselor any prescription medications (EPI pens, Benadryl, etc.) that need to be carried at all times in a bag labeled with your child’s name and authorization form.

Do we need to pack lunches/snacks?

No. We provide a hot school lunch each day unless it is a field trip day, or a Friday. On these days, we will provide a sack lunch for each camper. Your child may bring his/her own lunch, but please remember that we are a PEANUT FREE campus. A lunch menu will rotate bi-weekly, and will be given out each week. In addition to lunch, we will also provide two snacks (a morning and afternoon snack) per day to each camper.

What if my child has allergies/food restrictions?

Please indicate on your child’s registration form his/her specific allergies and/or food restrictions. This way, we can flag their folder to these concerns. We also ask that you speak with your child’s camp counselor directly about their allergies/food restrictions. We are a PEANUT FREE campus!

Who can pick up my child from camp?

Please indicate all authorized persons that are able to pick up your child on the registration form that is located on the Active website. If any information changes, please indicate this change in writing through e-mail before a new person picks up your child from camp. We do ask to see an ID before releasing the child from our care, so please ask them to have it with them upon arrival. If we have any questions regarding pick up, we will contact a parent before the child is released.

What if a child becomes injured during camp?

No matter how many precautions we take, accidents still can happen. We have several counselors and office staff members trained in CPR and First Aid on campus at all times. All serious injuries or health concerns are directed to the director or person in charge if the director is off campus. If we feel it is necessary, we will contact parents or arrange for emergency transport. We will call parents or emergency contacts as soon as possible, using all numbers we have on file for your child. If a minor injury happens, parents will receive an incident report to read and sign and bring back to camp, so that we can file this report in the child’s folder for our records.

May I visit campus before the start of camp?

Yes, of course! We encourage our new families to come tour our campus before the start of camp. We will have an Open House prior to the start of camp, as well, so that the children can come see their rooms and meet their camp counselors.

Will my children be grouped with other children from the same school?

We try our best to group children with familiar faces (according to their age), but we also encourage children to enjoy the opportunity of meeting new friends while they are here at camp. If there is a specific child that your child would like to be grouped with, please notify the director. Grouping children together is only a possibility (NOT guaranteed) if they are the same ages, and if a particular class is not already full.

Will we receive a schedule for the week?

We make a weekly schedule for each group—Big and Little Safari. You may receive a copy on the front table in the main foyer. Your child’s counselor will also post their schedule for the week by their class door.

Why do you charge for registration deposits?

Registration deposits are nonrefundable and help cover many of the basic start up fees, including registration processing fees. If a camper is waitlisted and doesn’t attend camp, then their registration deposit will be refunded. Deposits are not a part of tuition, and reserve your child’s place in our camp. There will not be a charge to transfer your child to another week of camp, but a $10 charge will be applied if a week is cancelled.

Do we offer financial aid?

No, unfortunately we do not offer any type of financial assistance during the summer.

What if I refer a friend to camp?

We offer a $25 referral coupon for each new family that a past family refers. This will be deducted from one week’s tuition. It is the family’s responsibility to make us aware of a referral.

Will my Little Safari camper take weekly field trips?

No. Little Safari (ages 3-5) does not go on a weekly field trip on the bus. They will possibly attend 2 or 3 field trips by bus throughout the entire summer to local attractions in Lexington, such as the Arboretum. You can check the Little Safari calendar to see when these field trips will occur. Unfortunately, our 2-year-olds will not attend these field trips due to State Regulations regarding car seats. We do, however, bring lots of fun activities to campus to keep the Little Safari campers entertained and engaged all summer long.

Will there be a naptime?

Yes. Ages 2-4 will have a required 2-hour long naptime. This is a state license requirement. If your child does not nap or has a hard time falling asleep, we require them to lie at least 30 minutes quietly on their mat, and then a book or quiet activity will be given to him/her.

What do I need to provide for my camper?

Little Safari campers will need:

  1. A clean change of clothes
  2. Crib size sheet for nap mat (we will provide the mat)
  3. Blanket for naptime
  4. Sunscreen with name labeled on it
  5. Swimsuit, towel, and water shoes (only on water play days)
  6. 2-year-olds will need to bring diapers and wipes

*Please make sure you label your child’s name on his/her belongings — especially sunscreen!

Big Safari campers will need:

  1. Clean change of clothes (if needed)
  2. Water bottles with name labeled on it
  3. Sunscreen with name labeled on it
  4. Bathing suits, flip flops and towels on swim days (every Friday) or on water play/special occasion days

*Please make sure you label your child’s name on his/her belongings — especially sunscreen!

What time can I drop off and pick up my child?

We open at 7:30a.m. Please do not drop off your camper before that time. Most activities for the day begin at 9:00a.m. You will receive notice beforehand if you need to have your child arrive to camp before 9:00a.m. Most activities are concluded by 4:00p.m.each day. We close at 5:45p.m.

What if I’m running late picking up my child?

We know that unforeseen circumstances occur and you may be running beyond our 5:45p.m. closing time. If this occurs, please contact the director, Andy Fitch, by cell phone (you may text or call), or contact your child’s counselor. Do not call the office phone, as there may not be any office staff around or present at that time. There will be a late charge of $1.00 per minute that will be applied to your account after 6:00p.m.

May we wear flip flops?

We ask that your child do not wear flip flops unless it is a water play day or a swim day (Big Safari). Please bring an extra pair of shoes to wear on these days once water time is finished. You may wear sandals with backs on them, or tennis shoes.

How can I find my child’s group when I drop off/pick up?

Outside our building by the door, there will be a large dry erase board that will have your child’s group location written on it. We try our best to keep the board updated at all times throughout the day.

What if I’m late dropping off on field trip days, or do not want my child to attend a trip?

If you are late and miss a field trip departure, or do not want your child to attend a trip, then you must make other arrangements until the group returns. You may not leave your child with another group at camp. If you want to bring your child to the field trip, please contact the director to make prior arrangements. You will receive a calendar and a reminder of what the departure time will be the day before a scheduled field trip.

Do I need to sign in/out my child each day?

YES. You must walk your child into his/her assigned room and sign him/her in, each and every day they come to camp.

*Please be aware on FIELD TRIP DAYS to sign the permission form that will be located on the sign in sheet. This MUST be signed each and every time, in order for your child to attend.

When picking up, you must sign your child out.

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