Boone Creek

For the past two years, my AP Biology Class has conducted tests on Boone Creek to determine the quality of the water: nitrogen, phosphorus, and dissolved oxygen levels; pH; temperature; and turbidity.  

We also capture and classify different stream macroinvertebrates, as seen in this photo.  Seeing different types of insect larva can help students know the quality of the stream before they run the chemical analysis.  For example leeches are highly tolerant to pollution and will live in any stream, where as right handed snails are highly intolerant of pollution and will only be seen in the cleanest of water ways.  Boone Creek has shown us all types of macroinvertebrates and we usually see several different species that are highly intolerant of pollution which makes Boone Creek unique in this area.  On the following pages you can look at the data that students have collected.

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