Casandra's namesake received the power to foretell the future from the god Apollo. The god was insulted by her refusal to love him, so he punished her. Apollo caused the gift that he gave Cassandra to be twisted, making everyone who heard her true and accurate foretellings of future events believe that they were instead hearing lies.

 Casandra is a Rose Haired Tarantula and the only animal that I purchased.  I told Kelly Fleckinstein that she was coming by mail, but she did not arrive for nine months.  Each time a box marked live arrived at Sayre, Mrs. Fleckinstein would call me to immediately pick up my box.  Although many of my students are afraid of the spider, she has many visitors from the lower school.


Chilean Rose Haired Tarantulas are found in deserts and scrub lands of Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. They can reach size of 4 to 5.5 inches and require a cage that is long but not tall with a temperature of 70-85 degrees and humidity of 40-60%.  In the 5 gallon tank be sure to provide the tarantula with shelter and a full water dish.  Cover the floor with vermiculite or a mix of 50% vermiculite 50% peat.


Adults eat crickets weekly.

Life Expectancy

Female tarantulas live 25 years, but males only live 5-7 years.  Females will continue to molt, whereas males will not.

Health Concerns

1. The most critical time during your tarantula's life is when he is molting.  You can tell when you tarantula is about ready to molt because he will become more sluggish and stop feeding.  Tarantulas need moisture to be able to pull out of its exoskeleton. Most tarantulas will molt on their back or on their sides. When molting, a tarantula should be left alone. If you find your spider on it's back, it is not dead! Dying tarantulas usually curl their legs up underneath them.

2. Rose hair tarantulas are docile and even tempered tarantulas.  Allowing a ground dwelling tarantula to fall will surely be fatal.  If you choose to hold a tarantula, make sure they cannot slip out of your hands and fall very far.


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