Animals at Sayre

Sayre School has been blessed with many animals over the past 17 years.  The "Biology Zoo," as many students have come to call it, currently houses a tarantula, two snakes, a red eared slider (turtle), three axololts (salamanders), a uromastyx, two fresh water fish tanks.  We have had frogs, rats, parakeets, gerbils, puppies, kittens, baby chicks, iguanas, rabbits, a chinchilla, a hedgehog, a blue tongued skink, and a beared dragon in the past. These animals help me teach many aspects of Biology, including homeostasis and evolution.  

Many students are involved with the care of the animals.  My lab technician cleans their cages and makes sure that they have food and water.  Other students give love and treats.

On the following pages you can read the story of each animal- how they came to Sayre, why they have their names, and care information.  If you would like to volunteer time or donate money to help care for the animals, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

If you are thinking of purchasing a pet, make sure that you bring the correct pet into your home.  Learn about their life expectancies, required care, their diet, the proper habitat, and find a vet who will be able to help you care for your pets during their entire life.  All the animals at Sayre have come to us because their original owners could no longer care for them.  I have seen too many animals at the Humane Society in pain due to poor nutrition or an improper environment; please make sure that this does not happen to yours. Remember the idea is to bring an animal into your home and make it a member of your family.  Treat it well and your pet will bring you joy for many years.


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