This is an exciting time to study biology. Scientists are learning more about people and the world around them than they ever have before. As the media report on the search for a cure for AIDS, on cancer research, and on the effects of acid rain on the environment, we all share in following the efforts of many scientists. As a biology student, these reports will have special significance to you. In your class work, you will learn many of the concepts that will help you to understand scientific research. In the laboratory, you will also learn about and, most importantly, practice many of the basic processes that scientists use to help them find answers.

At Sayre, Biology is a course designed to introduce you to scientific principles, processes, and products as they apply to the study of living organisms. In this course, you will be introduced to several unifying themes that apply to all living organisms, including energy, systems and interactions, patterns of change, evolution, unity within diversity, and methods of inquiry. You will increase your knowledge about how living organisms are constructed, how they function, how they use energy, and how they interact with one another and with the environment. You will become more proficient in a variety of methods used for studying living organisms by participating in laboratory experiments covering a variety of topics. It is also the goal of this course to provide you with the tools to think creatively about scientific problems, to design ways to test your own ideas about biological issues, and to help you think more critically about current scientific issues.
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