Vision Statement

Sayre strives to enrich its community through diversity within all of its constituencies:  students, faculty, administrators, and trustees.

Sayre seeks to create an educational atmosphere of understanding and open dialogue that fosters respect for individual differences.  As part of the school's overall mission - to provide "an education of the widest range and highest order" - Sayre's curriculum presents topics from multiple perspectives, acknowledging and including many different cultures, ideas, and experiences found in our global society.  Such an education involves the development of independent, critical thinking within an open-minded and tolerant learning environment.

Diversity and Inclusion

Co-Chairs:  Cathy Bilberry and Linda Chambers

Admission & Development
Employee Recruitment & Hiring
Community Outreach & Communications
Curriculum Support & Enrichment
Student Leadership & School Life

Sayre School belongs to both the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the Kentucky Association of Independent School (KAIS).

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