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iPad Apps Used in Middle School Classes

 Over the course of our iPad years, the Middle School faculty has adopted a number of “Go-To” apps – ones we use in numerous classes and ask all kids to have on their devices. Required apps are purchased and distributed by the school.

There is much to say about all these apps, so I will condense , sharing just three today:


Dropbox helps make sure student files are kept safe online and mirrored on any other device they install it on. We also like that Dropbox is integrated with many other apps to tie into their service and use them for cloud storage and sync as well. Students can also create share links to their files and email or text the links to peers or teachers who request it.


Countless note-taking apps flood the App Store, but Notability is one which we feel does best at leveraging the power of the iPad . In this app, students can make not only all kinds of annotations, but they can also make recordings. And they can save all to Dropbox.

Explain Everything is a screen-casting app. Screencasting is the combined capture and narration of all of the action on a computer screen. Screencasting has been popular with teachers seeking an alternative to Powerpoint or other “slide” apps. Kahn Academy videos are great examples of screencasts. Some teachers also urge students to create their own screencasts as an alternative to a paper to share what they are learning.


For an upcoming post, I’ll have English and social studies teachers share what students are doing with some of the unique apps used in those classes.



Posted by Brad B. on Monday September, 5, 2016

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