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Students with a high volume of personal media such as photos, videos, music, etc. may encounter storage issues with their devices. Additionally, many game applications can eat up the iPad's storage capacity. I am one of numerous teachers available to help students having trouble with their storage. That said, our advice is often the same: “Throw away some stuff!”

Photos are most frequently the storage eaters. I'd guess you've seen this clever commercial about Google Photo storage.

Students can manage their storage on their own through their iPad settings by going to Settings > General > Usage. Here they can see just what is hogging their storage space and often resolve it. 

Students are required to backup their iPads to either a home or school computer. An alternative storage solution is to use Apple's cloud storage called iCloud. At this writing (9/2016) Each Apple ID has 5GB of free storage. Additional storage can be purchased:

 50 GB for $0.99 / month

200 GB for $2.99 / month

1 TB for $9.99 / month

Here are five easy steps to back up an iPad. We will walk students through it at school, but perhaps you might also have them show you what they know at home. Maybe they can help you back up your own device !

Posted by Brad B. on Friday July, 29, 2016

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