Why Sayre Athletics?

Sayre athletic programs offer a unique opportunity for student athletes who choose to compete for their school. In a time where most sports are becoming increasingly specialized and require year round commitments from athletes at younger and younger ages, we recognize the inherent value of participation and embrace the multi-sport athlete model. 70% of our Upper School students play on at least one school-sponsored team and many take full advantage of their opportunities to play and excel in multiple sports. Furthermore, our coaching staff embraces a positive approach to coaching, and they work tirelessly to cultivate skill, confidence and the will to win. Coupled with our educationally based athletic model, our student athletes are pushed to reach their full potential, and our teams learn to achieve and win at a level not often associated with smaller schools.

Want to learn more? Read on to discover an approach to athletics that is uniquely Sayre.

  • Athletic Program Mission - At Sayre, playing a sport goes well beyond wins, losses and the accumulation of skills or recognition. We understand the potential that athletic participation has to teach invaluable life lessons. In addition to reaching ones potential as an athlete, we also work to cultivate positive values, meaningful character development, teamwork, time management, resiliency and the value of sacrifice and commitment. Through both success and failure, and along with the myriad other meaningful challenges that athletes face, our student athletes can expect a rich and rewarding experience.
  • Open Participation - We encourage every student that attends Sayre to play at least one sport. Any student with the desire to play and a willingness to make the necessary commitment to a team is welcome regardless of experience or skill level. At Sayre, we do not routinely hold try outs or make cuts unless a team or program has space or other limitations that necessitate limiting numbers.
  • The Ability to Play Multiple Sports - Playing more than one sport is commonplace at Sayre and as a result, we are able to offer our students a wide array of competitive athletic options. Even with the demanding academic and athletic schedules, our students routinely manage to excel both in the classroom and with their respective teams. In fact, many of our student athletes would tell you that their grades actually improve when they are playing a sport. The reason? Improved focus and time management skills are honed and exercised during any competitive season.
  • Competition - Our teams play in competitive leagues and routinely test themselves against some of the best teams in the state of Kentucky. Rarely do our teams square off against a smaller schools and yet our current and past athletic success is something we pride ourselves in. Our teams train hard, are well coached and expect success.
  • Resources - Our training and athletic facilities are first rate and offer our student athletes every opportunity to excel in their chosen sport.
  • The Next Level - Many of our student athletes have athletic aspirations that extend beyond High School. At Sayre, our athletes have a tremendous track record and often go on to compete for colleges across the country. In 2013, fully 10% of our senior class signed letters of intent to compete athletically at the next level.
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