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Sayre US and MS recognized as KYA's "Premier Delegation"
Posted 11/15/2021 09:50AM

Sayre MS KYA achieved Outstanding Delegation and Premier Delegation

Seventeen Sayre Middle School students participated in the 2021 Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) virtually on November 11-12.  Students heard, questioned, and debated bills written by fellow students from across the state.  Our students prepared diligently for this mock government exercise by researching topics, writing speeches, and learning how to adopt the role of representative or senator.  Sayre students were informed, eloquent, and passionate when they addressed hundreds of their peers from across the state. 

Out of the 12 participating schools, Sayre Middle School's delegation was recognized by Y staff and other schools' advisors as this year's Outstanding Delegation.  This is the highest award a delegation can earn, and is described as "the delegation with the highest quality of participation, preparedness, and behavior exemplifying the Y's core values of honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility." Sayre was also awarded the title of Premier Delegation for excelling in all areas of the conference, and for students and advisors demonstrating the Y's core values, and meeting deadlines.  In addition two students received recognition:

  • Outstanding Delegate – Day Chambers
  • Outstanding Speaker – Gabi Stivers
Congratulations to the MS KYA team and its sponsor, Rebecca Ashby!
Sayre Delegation Sayre Delegation
Sayre Delegation

Sayre US KYA won the Conference Life Award and Premier Delegation

Sayre Upper School won the Conference Life Award at the 2021 Kentucky Youth Assembly held in Louisville, KY, November 4-6. Given to the school that creates a positive environment and displays servant leadership throughout this year’s experiential state government conference, this recognition exemplifies the dedication, focus and work of Sayre students on an individual and collective level.

In addition to this delegation award, Sayre students led the conference as presiding officers in the mock state government. Elected last year to lead KYA 2021, James Gunasar served as Speaker of the Commonwealth House of Representatives, Arushi Bansal as Speaker of the Bluegrass House of Representatives, and Lindsay Whitaker as Attorney General. Additional Sayre students received the following accolades:

  • Elected Secretary of State for KYA 2022 – Anna Palumbo
  • Outstanding Delegate – Carmen Applegate
  • Outstanding Speaker – Olivia Gaines
  • Bills designated “highly ranked” and passed in both Senate and House Chambers:
    • Commonwealth Bill Team (Anna Kate Miedler, Noah Lutz, Corinne Brunker, and Nayeli Miller):  An Act Prohibiting Conversion Therapy for Minors
    • Bluegrass Bill Team (Aleena Ahmad, Anthony Hana, Vanessa McCaughley, Abby Rubin): An Act to Prevent Runoff Pollution on Farms

Designated a “premier delegation” for the 11th straight year, Sayre students participated in the full range of KYA programs areas including:

  • Leadership
    • Dakota Musgrave served as a Supreme Court Justice hearing and judging case arguments
    • Carmen Applegate and Will Marsden chaired and clerked legislative sessions in the House and Senate chambers
  • Legislative
    • In addition to the bill sponsors mentioned earlier, Greer Webb, Anna Huntress, and Cynclair Dicken presented and passed their bill in the Bluegrass House, An Act Implementing A “Pay as You Throw” Collection Service in the State of Kentucky
    • Delegates debated and voted on bills as Senators and Representatives in Bluegrass and Commonwealth legislative chambers: Omar Fakhoury, Frances Inanbet, Elsa Rodgerson, Allison Yandell, Ella Moss, Isaac Dodson, Olivia Gaines, Caroline Shane, Charlotte Harris, Avery Luring, LC Musgrave, Maddie Papero, Angelica Rich, Eli Rogers, Kate Yandell
  • Judicial
    • Dylan Clarke, Toko Ashida and Ella Rhea Miller served as advocates presenting legal arguments before the Supreme Court
  • Lobbyists
    • Celia Huntress lobbied for laws as a representative of the Human Rights Campaign
  • Media Corps
    • Zoe Jenkins represented the Media Corps, writing stories, interviewing participants, and compiling news content in a variety of media platforms.

A special thank you to Delia Thompson Pergande and Linda Beck for their many years advising these outstanding students!

Sayre Delegation Sayre Delegation
Sayre Delegation Sayre Delegation


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