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First Place in the National NPR Student Podcast Challenge!
Posted 05/27/2021 02:10PM

Congratulations to eighth graders Braeden Collett, Beau Porter, Brennan Williams, and Dominic Jann for winning first place in the 3rd annual NPR Student Podcast Challenge with their story about the small but mighty Buildings and Grounds staff. They competed against 2,700 entries with their piece titled “Who Dunnit?” created during the Middle School Podcast elective.

During class, students listened to podcasts and brainstormed story ideas. In the winning podcast, they focused on uncovering how the Buildings and Grounds staff manage to help the students focus on learning by tracking down the source of a mysterious odor; fixing any leaks in a 100-year-old building; and even sleeping in the school to take care of the campus during an ice storm.

"We had an ice storm here in 2003 where we were out for literally eight days," Guynn said. "So, I spent eight days with a chainsaw and cutting down trees for eight days. I lived here in the gymnasium on a tarp."

Stay tuned for the next podcast highlighting the Thomas A. Grunwald Buttery staff!

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