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Sayre Awards and Recognition – Virtual KUNA 2021
Posted 03/18/2021 11:31AM


Sayre students played essential leadership roles as presiding officers at the 2021 Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA), March 15-16, 2021. Levy Deckard (’21) led the virtual conference as Secretary General while Eleanor Ickes (’21) served as President of the International Court of Justice.

Despite the pandemic-related shift toward a virtual conference, Sayre continued its tradition as a “Premier Delegation” and received the following awards and recognition:

  • Outstanding Resolution Packet
  • Resolutions passed and endorsed by the Secretary General:
    • Representing Aruba – A Resolution to Create an Environmental Relief Program for the Caribbean Islands – Carmen Applegate, Sadie Barlow, Lauren Mullikin, and Liam Fallon (’22)
    • Representing the United Kingdom – A Proposal to Corroborate with the WHO Providing Mental Health Screenings for Teenagers – Emily Hardeman-Erbar (’23), Toko Ashida, Arushi Bansal, Anthony Hana, and Aleena Ahmad (’24)
  • Outstanding Ambassador – Melissa Shane
  • Outstanding Speaker – Emily Hardeman-Erbar
  • Outstanding NGO Representative – Anna Palumbo
  • ICJ Showcase – Dakota Musgrave (’23) was selected to argue an international case in the showcase round.

Sayre students also served in a variety of conference leadership posts including:

  • Melissa Shane (’21) was chosen a supporting officer, Under-Secretary of General Policy.
  • Parker Stewart and Coby Cummins (’21) served as Chairs of Ranking Committees then were both chosen as Vice Presidents for Voting Committees.

In addition, Sayre students participated in the full range of KUNA programming, including:

  • Alex Cofield and Seth Rubin (’21) represented the United Kingdom and Aruba on the Security Council.
  • Mohib Haider (’23) served the Media Corps, producing podcasts and other news reports on the conference
  • Lindsay Whitaker, James Gunasar (’22) and Dakota Musgrave (’23) were judicial advocates on an ICJ team
  • Henry Deckard and Anna Palumbo (’23) represented NGOs, advocating for selected resolutions
  • Nathalie deSousa (’21), Lilah Bloomfield (’22), Eliza Mullins, Sophia Lee, Sophia Richardson, Gigi Cornett (’23), Dylan Clarke, Abby Rubin, Greer Webb, Kumber Ali, and Sadie Ambrose (’24) represented Aruba and the United Kingdom as cultural ambassadors in the World Expo and General Assembly

    Congratulations to our Sayre students and their advisors, Delia Pergande and Linda Beck, for another successful KUNA!



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