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Dedication of the Middle School Commons
Posted 02/01/2021 10:57AM

Our community gathered virtually to celebrate the extraordinary gifts Heidi Hosbach Newman has brought to Sayre over the years and to dedicate the Middle School Commons in her honor.  Heidi is a beloved teacher, friend, and colleague.  After 33 years at Sayre, Heidi will be retiring at the end of this school year.  During her tenure, Heidi served as a Middle School Division Director (18 years!) and taught in our Upper and Middle Schools.  Heidi and her husband David are past parents to Chris ’07 and Eric ‘01.  Heidi has twin granddaughters, Ellie and Libby (class of 2035), at Sayre.

Tributes from students, colleagues, family, and friends poured in for Heidi.  Her Middle School students expressed their feelings for her with such words as: incredible, amazing, mighty, wonderful, nurturing. "The tributes we heard celebrated an educator whose love of learning, commitment to students, and ability to build excellence are legendary,” says Kristin Seymour, Head of Middle School. “Heidi loves books, reading, and beautiful writing, and she shared that love with thousands of young people. She also had high expectations. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to work with her learned the pure joy that hard work and dedication bring. I could not be happier that Sayre decided to dedicate the Heidi Hosbach Newman Commons in her honor," she says.

“I am still basking in the celebration. The festivities left me stunned, overwhelmed, and oh so thankful to be teaching at Sayre and, more specifically, in our Middle School,” says Heidi.  “I never would have thought that nearly 33 years ago, when I first arrived at Sayre, I would come to see the school as my home and its people as my extended family.  Family is a word that can be thrown out casually, but I use it in the best sense of the word - as a tightly knit group of people who share a common purpose and a common vision; a group who despite varied perspectives and beliefs come together, revel in their differences, enjoy one another, and ultimately make one another a better, more expansive people,” she says.

Heidi will be sorely missed by everyone, and we wish her much happiness as she enters retirement.

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