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Continuing the Tradition of Excellence at Virtual KYA! 2020!
Posted 11/06/2020 02:59PM

Sayre students played an integral role leading the 2020 Kentucky Youth Assembly, November 5-6. Elected as student governor of the Commonwealth last year, Parker Stewart (’21) led the virtual conference while Eleanor Ickes (’21) presided as a Supreme Court justice and Anna Palumbo (’23) served as Chief-of-Staff for the Lieutenant Governor.

Despite the pandemic-related shift toward a virtual conference, Sayre continued its tradition of excellence as a “Premier Delegation” and received the following individual awards and recognition, including three presiding officers for next year’s conference!

  • Elected Presiding Officer for 2021 - Speaker of the Commonwealth House:  James Gunasar (’22)
  • Elected Presiding Officer for 2021 – Speaker of the Bluegrass House: Arushi Bansal (’24)
  • Elected Presiding Officer for 2021 – Attorney General: Lindsay Whitaker (’22)
  • Outstanding Lobbyist: Melissa Shane (’21)
  • Chosen Outstanding Attorney and Winner of Supreme Court Showcase: Dakota Musgrave (’23)
  • Outstanding Delegate: Coby Cummins (’21)
  • Commonwealth Bill passed both House and Senate chambers in the Capitol and signed into law:
    • An Act Relating to the Removal of Tinted License Plate Shields – by Coby Cummins, Nathalie deSousa (’21), Carmen Applegate, and Lilah Bloomfield (’22)

Sayre’s 28-member delegation represented the school in the full range of KYA program areas, including:

  • Leadership: Teresa Murphy and Nate Scudder (’21) both chaired dockets in legislative chambers
  • Legislative – Bluegrass Bill team debated in Committee and Senate Chambers
    • An Act to reallocate 20% of the specified Kentucky Lottery profits to providing students with technological assistance for online learning by Gigi Cornett, Eliza Mullins (’23), Aleena Ahmad, and Toko Ashida (’24)
    • Serving as delegates who debated and voted on proposed bills: Prerna Maggan (’21), Sadie Barlow (’22), Celia Huntress (’23), Mary Jann (’23), Olivia Kobak (’23),  Dylan Clarke (’24), Anthony Hana (’24), and Ella Rhea Miller (’24)
  • Judicial – Levy Deckard (’21), Lindsay Whitaker (’22), and Dakota Musgrave (’23) presented legal arguments before a student led Supreme Court
  • Lobbyist – Melissa Shane (’21) represented a state client, advising and advocating for legislation
  • Media Corps – Brianna Slone (’21) worked with a team covering conference happenings through a variety of media platforms.

Congratulations to Sayre’s delegation and thanks to its advisors, Delia Pergande and Linda Beck.

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