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Chris McGinley Presents "Coal Black: Stories"
Posted 01/23/2020 12:29PM

On January 17, Sayre hosted a book signing and reading for Middle School teacher Chris McGinley. His book Coal Black: Stories is a collection of short stories set in Appalachia.  Coal Black: Stories was published in December.

Coal Black: Stories is unfiltered mountain crime. Set in the hills of eastern Kentucky, these tales lay bare the dark realities of the region. Sometimes the backdrop is the opioid epidemic and all the human detritus and bloodshed that comes with it. Other times it’s poachers or petty thieves who take center stage, people whose wild desperation invite danger everywhere they go. High in the hills the action takes place, alongside the rarely seen animals who hunt up there, and sometimes alongside the “haints” and spirits of popular folklore.

The stories are full of action, twists and turns, and characters on both sides of the law who navigate the treacherous, often violent terrain that spares so few. Coal Black: Stories is a collection of gritty crime stories—cleverly drawn tales with sometimes savage surprise endings.

Congratulations, Mr. McGinley on your latest endeavor!

Chris McGinley Book Reading/Signing Chris McGinley Book Reading/Signing

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