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Sayre Represents at Kentucky Youth Assembly 2019
Posted 11/07/2019 02:14PM
Held in Louisville, November 3-5, Parker Stewart (’21) was elected Governor at the 2019 Kentucky Youth Assembly only the second time in Sayre School history that an Upper School student has won that state-wide post. Sayre’s 36-member delegation also won the Statesman Award, given to a school whose students offered the highest quality contributions to debate at the mock state government conference.
In addition, Sayre students elected last year, James Gunasar (’22) and Benjamin Waltman (’20) served as Lieutenant Governor and Commonwealth Senate President, presiding over the legislative forum attended by over 800 students from 25 schools. Designated a premier delegation and recognized for their service by the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association, Sayre students received the following individual awards and recognitions:
•Outstanding Delegate: Aya Samadi (’20)
•Outstanding Speakers: Jenna Moses (’20) and Parker Stewart (’21)
•Outstanding Judicial Advocate and Winner of the Supreme Court Showcase: Abigail Dietrich (’20)
•Commonwealth Bill passed both House and Senate chambers in the Capitol and recognized as a “highly ranked” bill:
*An Act Relating To Greater Access to Safe and Effective Contraception for Women Through the Over-the-1 Counter Purchase of Progestin-Only Birth Control Pills in the State of Kentucky, sponsored by Clark Kwun, Prerna Maggan, Melissa Shane, and Harrison Ward (’21)
*Commonwealth Bill passed both House and Senate chambers
*An Act to Mandate all Public Schools Hire Counselors to Combat Rising Rates of Depression, Anxiety, and Suicide, sponsored by Jackson Cornett, Nathalie deSousa, and Cate Goodman (’21)
*Bluegrass Bill passed both House and Senate chambers
*An Act Relating To Reporting Suspected Animal Cruelty, sponsored by Gigi Cornett and Dakota Musgrave (’23)
Students also participated in the full range of KYA programs, including:
• Leadership:
*Aya Samadi, Sierra O’Brien, and Leena Haider (’20) chaired legislative dockets and were among the highest rated pro tempores.
*Laura Rich (’20) served as a justice on the Supreme Court
*Isabel Brunker (’20) served as an Assistant Editor for Media Corps
*Emily Hardeman-Erbar ran a campaign for Bluegrass Presiding Officer
*Media Corps: Eman Rasul took photographs for all program areas
*Lobbyist: Olivia Allran and August Brooks (’20) represented clients and influenced legislative debate through advocacy and networking
•Judicial: Abigail Dietrich, Caroline Parker (’20), and Levy Deckard (’21), presented oral arguments before legal professional and student justices.
•Legislative – In addition to bill teams listed above, Sayre’s general delegates debated and voted on proposed bills in legislative chambers: Audrey Sams, Jenna Moses, Laiba Rasul, Kathleen Beebe (’20), Teresa Murphy, Nate Scudder, Coby Cummins (’21), Kat Golden (’22), Anna Palumbo, Celia Huntress, Mary Jann, and Sophia Richardson (’23)
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