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Upper School Students Make Their Mark at KUNA 2019
Posted 03/21/2019 03:57PM

Sayre sent 49 upper school students to the Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA) in Louisville, March 17-19, 2019. It was attended by more than 1000 high school students from 43 schools. Sayre was recognized as a premier delegation through the following individual awards and leadership positions:

·Elected Editor-in-Chief of Media Corps for 2020 KUNA - Aya Samadi '20
·Outstanding Resolution - Leena Haider '20, Caroline Parker '20, Abigail Dietrich '20 and Olivia Allran '20, representing Yemen
*Resolution to allocate resources from World Food Programme toward the creation of secured food banks within level 3 food crisis nations was also chosen for debate before the General Assembly, where it was passed and endorsed by the Secretary-General

·Outstanding Speaker - Coby Cummins '21
·Outstanding Delegate - Karuna Lakhiani '21
·Alex Mills '19 and Wick Hallos '19 elected as presiding officers in 2018, led the assembly as Deputy Secretary-General and President of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)
·Sierra O'Brien '20 campaigned for Presiding Officer, and advanced in elections to the final round.
·Ben Waltman '20 presided as a judge for the ICJ
·Ren Talbert '19 acted as Director of Security Council Affairs
·Cassidy Hook '19 and Caroline Hager '19 chaired Committees and Summits
· Acknowledged as highly ranked resolution, passed in Summit
*Jackson Cornett,'21 Harrison Ward,'21 Alex Cofield '21, and Levy Deckard '21, representing China - Resolution to create the African-Eurasian Free Trade and Climate Protection Agency
·Outstanding International Stage recognition - Laiba Rasul '20, Harry Wang '20, Audrey Sams '20, Jenna Moses '20, Olivia Greer '20, Brady Huff '20, and James Gunasar '22 represented China in a skit tracing the nation's evolution from ancient times through Mao's Long March.

In addition, Sayre students participated in the full range of KUNA activities and programs, including:

·Karuna Lakhiani '19, Madeleine Bruelheide '19, and Missy Hill '19 represented China, Ukraine and Yemen on the Security Council
·August Brooks '20, Laura Rich '20 and Parker Stewart '21 argued a contentious case as an advocate team before the ICJ
·Resolution presented and debated before Summit:
*Isabel Brunker '20, Syrah Nash '20 and Ricky Reynolds, Coby Cummins '21, representing Ukraine - Resolution Related to Reinforcing the Minsk II Agreement between Ukraine and Russia
·Melissa Shane '21, Cate Goodman '21, Teresa Murphy '21, Nathalie deSousa '21, Prerna Maggan '21, Layla Tahanasab '21, Kathleen Beebe '20, Isaac Froehlich '20, Jonah Cashel '20, Will Graves '20, Ben Trammel '20, Vanessa Jones '20, Sara Tahanasab '19, Maha Iqbal '19, and Claire Coles '19 served as ambassadors for Yemen and Ukraine, crafting cultural displays in the Parade of Nations and Global Village
·Wrennie Lambert '19 served as a photographer with the Media Corps
Congratulations to Sayre students and their advisors Delia Pergande, Linda Beck, and Woody Snowden for another successful KUNA!


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