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Undefeated since 1977!
Posted 05/03/2018 01:04PM
Undefeated since 1977! We are excited to announce the return of Sayre football. "The Sayre football program gave me the opportunity to attend Kenyon College and play football at the next level. Football was an important part of my high school and college experience. I am happy Sayre is continuing the football tradition" said Bruce Isaacs '70.
Chad Pennington, former NFL quarterback, is the Director of Football at Sayre School. As Sayre's Director of Football, Chad will maintain a strong foundation for the program to promote longevity and stability. Chad's educational background and values make him a perfect fit for Sayre.
Chad believes that Sayre athletic programs should have a strong educational component. "The academic classroom and the athletic arena require the same characteristics to be successful," he said. "Being a good student in the classroom made me a better athlete on the field." Chad recalls how his note-taking skills learned in high school created more success for him as a collegiate and professional quarterback.
Chad also believes in teaching the fundamentals of football while creating more awareness on the health and safety of its players. "As youth and high school coaches, we are the 'keepers of the game.' We must change the way we teach the fundamentals to our young players," Pennington said, "as well as place a major focus on the structure and organization of our practice schedules."
The Sayre School Football Program will have the unique opportunity to compete with schools of similar enrollment in the Single-A classification within the KHSAA.
Sayre Athletic Director, Rich Little, said he favors the addition of football to the school's sports offerings: "Not only does football promote teamwork, sportsmanship and resiliency, it also provides a unique athletic experience for a number of students who do not participate in other sports. Football is also a sport that brings people together and builds community."
For more information or questions, please contact Barb Milosch, or 859-244-2719.
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