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Sayre Strong at KYA 2017!
Posted 11/28/2017 03:51PM

With fifty-one students, Sayre’s delegation attended the 2017 Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) in Louisville and Frankfort.  Among 1200 students from thirty schools around the state, Sayre received the following individual awards and recognition as a Delegation of Excellence:

  • Outstanding Delegate: Greg Kimmerer
  • Outstanding Speaker: Benjamin Waltman
  • Outstanding Judicial Advocate and Winner of the Supreme Court showcase: Wick Hallos
  • Outstanding Judicial Team: Wick Hallos, Alex Mills, and Ren Talbert
  • Bluegrass Bills passed both House and Senate chambers in the Capitol and signed into law:
    • An act instituting the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act as a permanent solution in Kentucky for undocumented immigrants with students Aya Samadi, Skye Park, Hanae Yoshida, and Olivia Allran
    • An act mandating breast cancer education as part of the high school health course curriculum in Kentucky with students Caroline Parker, Rohma Akhtar, Laura Rich, and Syrah Nash
  • Commonwealth Bill passed both House and Senate chambers and signed into law:
    • An act mandating financial literacy seminars for students in the 8th and 12th grades with students Greg Kimmerer, Marielena Villaran, Isabel Pergande, Mitchell Barber
  • Commonwealth Bill ranked highly to present in Senate chambers in Capitol:
    • An act implementing job training programs for laid off coal laborers in fields beneficial to sustainability Karuna Lakhiani, Caroline Hager, Sierra O’Brien, and Benjamin Waltman

Students represented Sayre well in a full range of KYA programming areas, including:

  • Leadership
    • Missy Hill ran a campaign for 2018 Presiding Officer
    • Kate Christensen served as the 2017 Governor’s Chief-of-Staff
    • Ellie Webb presided over the judicial program as a Supreme Court Justice
    • Mohsin Akhtar served as a Cabinet Secretary
    • Madeleine Bruelheide acted as Assistant Editor for Media Corps
    • Sam Perez was chosen to chair legislative dockets and committees
    • Cassidy Hook and Laiba Rasul served as Parliamentarians
  • Legislative
    • In addition to bill teams listed above, Sayre had general delegates debate and vote on proposed bills in legislative chambers with students Calbi Brewer, Halle Cline, Lauren Shepherd, Wrennie Lambert, Garrett Nail, Vanessa Jones, Audrey Sams, Kathleen Beebe, Olivia Greer, John Gunasar, Ashwin Kamineni, Nate Scudder, Coby Cummins, Parker Stewart, Cate Goodman, Ainsley Hojnaki, Levy Deckard, Layla Tahanasab, Claire Peters-Seymour, Eman Rasul, and Osman Siddiqi.
  • Lobbyist
    • Claire Coles and Sara Tahanasab represented clients and influenced legislative debate through advocacy and networking.
  • Media Corp
    • MJ Farrell served as reporter and anchor for the YMCA Youth Association broadcasts on app, web blog, and video platforms.
  • Judicial
    • Wick Hallos, Alex Mills and Ren Talbert served as advocates, presenting oral arguments before professional lawyers and the KYA Supreme Court.

Congratulations to Sayre’s delegation and thanks to its advisors and chaperones, Delia Pergande, Linda Beck and Tom Pergande.

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