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A Delegation of Excellence
Posted 03/27/2017 10:40AM

Kentucky United Nations Assembly, March 23-25, 2017, Louisville KY

Two Sayre students, Mohsin Akhtar (’18) and Greg Kimmerer (’18) were selected for statewide office at the Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA) in Louisville, March 23-25, 2017. A “Delegation of Excellence,” 42 Upper School students served in a variety of leadership roles during the mock UN and cultural assembly and were recognized for outstanding efforts in the following areas:

  • Mohsin Akhtar (’18), candidate for presiding officer, was elected Deputy Secretary General for next year’s statewide assembly.
  • Greg Kimmerer (’18) was chosen president of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), his second consecutive year in a statewide leadership position.
  • Spencer Stewart (’17), representing Russia, was awarded Outstanding Security Council Member.
  • Tia Carr (’17) served as a justice for the ICJ, a position she was selected for last year.
  • Anjali Shankar (’17) served on the leadership team as both Committee and Summit Chairs for resolution debates.
  • Calbi Brewer (’18) was recognized as Sayre’s Outstanding Ambassador.
  • Resolutions debated and passed in Summit and endorsed by the Secretary-General:
    • Caroline Keating (’18), Sam Perez (’18) and Payton Grill (’19), representing Pakistan – A Resolution to Provide Polio Vaccines to Afghan Refugee Camps in Pakistan.
    • Sierra O’Brien (’20), Aya Samadi (’20), Benjamin Waltman (’20), and Hanae Yoshida (’20), representing Russia – A Resolution Calling for 30% reduction in carbon waste by top five carbon emissions producers by 2035.
  • Resolution debated and passed in Summit:
    • Wick Hallos (’19), Wrennie Lambert (’19), and Alex Mills (’19), representing Greece – A Resolution to Create the Economic Crisis Prevention and Debt Relief Agency (ECPDRA).

In addition, Sayre students participated in the full range of KUNA activities and programs, including:

  • Taylor Johnson (’17) and Josh Simpson (’17) represented Pakistan and Greece on the Security Council
  • Ellie Webb (’18), Missy Hill (‘19), and Karuna Lakhiani (’19) served as judicial advocates before the ICJ.
  • Isabel Pergande (’18) served as Parliamentarian for Committee and Summit debates.
  • Calbi Brewer (’18), Olivia Allran (’20), Caroline Parker (’20), Skye Parke (’20), Kathleen Beebe (’20), Audrey Sams (’20), and August Brooks (’20) served as ambassadors for Russia, crafting cultural displays for the Global Village and Parade of Nations.
  • Katie Kostelic (’17), Cassidy Hook (’19), Caroline Hager (’19), Leena Haider (’20), Laiba Rasul (’20), Laura Rich (’20), MJ Farrell (’20), and Caroline Yandell (’20) represented Greece as ambassadors and decorated Global village booths and Parade of Nations signs.
  • Sara Tahanasab (’19), Claire Coles (’19), Will Peters-Seymour (’19), Rohma Akhtar (’20), and Vanessa Jones (’20) acted as ambassadors to Pakistan and made cultural displays for the Parade of Nations.
  • Missy Hill, Will Peters-Seymour, and Skye Parke also performed a musical ensemble of Russia and Pakistan anthems on the International Stage.
  • Madeleine Bruelheide (’19) served as a photographer for Media Corps.

Congratulations Sayre students on another successful KUNA, and thanks to advisors Delia Pergande and Linda Beck.

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