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In Her Voice
Posted 11/18/2016 01:34PM

by Kate Christensen

Throughout this semester, I have been working with Ms. Blythe Jamieson on an independent study in photography. Photography is a subject I have always had an interest in, and I was ecstatic when given the opportunity to participate in this study. At the beginning of the semester, I explored aperture, shutter speed, and other elementary camera settings. As the quality of my photos began to improve, I was given more challenging projects. Recently, I have been working with Mrs. O’Rourke’s fourth grade class to photograph their project on Odysseus. Although capturing these students in action was more difficult, I was able to learn more about photographing working subjects.

When photographing friends or students I am more comfortable with, it was easier to arrange the photo to my liking. However, when working with younger students, I often had to catch them in the middle of a sentence or while they were working. This experience gave me insight into the professional world of photography, as in reality, I will not know or feel comfortable with my subjects. Overall, I was able to gain knowledge about different types of photography and how to capture different people.


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