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New members of the Sayre family joined Administration, Athletics, Academic Services, and all three divisions of school.
Dr. Calzini has extensive experience as a teacher and administrator in independent schools domestically and abroad.
Check out some highlights from the Class of 2021!
First place in the National NPR Student Podcast Challenge!
Chef Allison Davis will be joining the Sayre staff for the new school year 2021-2022. You may know her as Ms. Wild Thyme.
Sayre junior, Ty Buck, moves forward to the National History Day National Contest in the Individual Performance category.
Sayre Third Graders initiated business building opportunities with proceeds to be donated to local organizations.
Sayre students played essential leadership roles as presiding officers at the 2021 Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA), March 15-16, 2021
We are excited to announce that our efforts to make a positive change in our local environment has been recognized by the non-profit organization Bluegrass Greensource.
"Family is a word that can be thrown out casually, but I use it in the best sense of the word - as a tightly knit group of people who share a common purpose and a common vision, a group who despite varied perspectives and beliefs come together, revel in their differences, enjoy one another, and ultimately make one another better, more expansive people." ~Heidi Hosbach Newman
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