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This summer, Sierra O'Brien '20 joins other students traveling to the Dominican Republic for an international community service program for teens.
The Fund continues the legacy of Neo and Roan within the Sayre student body by recognizing their love of cultures and travel.
The team is invited to attend the World Competition at Michigan State University. Over 800 teams from around the world compete at the tournament.
Congratulations to Alex Mills '19 for winning Most Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Presentation at the 2019 Kentucky Water Resources Annual Symposium!
Sayre is proud to announce Wick Hallos, Missy Hill, and Garrett Nail as National Merit® Finalists.
49 upper school students attended the Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA) in Louisville, March 17-19, 2019.
Judy Shepard urges students to help create a world without hate, a world based on respect, understanding and empathy.
This year's symposium, Global Migration and Refugees in the 21st Century, drew record attendance, featuring speakers Eric Schwartz, Refugees International and Alex Aleinikoff, Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility, New School for Social Research.
These two remarkable young men brought joy, laughter, and kindness to our community.
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