Lower School

Cultural Connections

Cultural Connections is an affinity group program created in recognition of the unique needs, experiences, and issues that students of color encounter in independent schools. The primary purpose of this group is to bring together Lower School students of color in the kind of critical mass that creates a “majority experience.” This program is designed to provide our students (children with Asian, African, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, bi- and multiracial heritage) with an opportunity to discuss topics pertinent to them and work on age-appropriate projects that reinforce positive self-images, reaffirm identity, and celebrate issues of diversity.  This specific affinity group may be particularly helpful to students who are in a classroom where they are one of only a few students of color.

Sponsor: Michelle Simpson

Middle School

Multicultural Middle-Schoolers (M + Ms)

M&M's is a voluntary program that facilitates positive cultural and racial identity exploration, self-awareness, and connection for students whose racial and cultural group is underrepresented in the school. Our affinity group provides a safe space where students can build connections, celebrate events unique to their culture, process difficult moments that occur on the playground, in the cafeteria, or in the classroom, and receive support and affirmation in a setting with other students who have similar experiences. Primarily, the goal of our affinity group is to facilitate positive identity development by helping students advocate for themselves, as well as develop leadership and empowerment skills.

Upper School

The Justice League

The Justice League is a group of students working to uplift the socially inclusive atmosphere at the school.

Co-Sponsors: George Bebense and Blythe Jamieson

The Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA)

The GSA provides a safe space for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning) students to explore relevant social and political issues, opportunities for activities and activism, and greater on-campus sensitivity and acceptance.

Co-Sponsors: Bo List and Barb Milosch

Diversity Awareness Club (DAC)

DAC provides a space for students to express their identities, discuss issues present in our school and in the greater community, address stereotypes and common assumptions, and foster understanding of multiple cultures, experiences, religions, etc. 

Co-Sponsors: Cathy Bilberry 

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