School Counseling

Nicole GarrettSayre School’s counseling program includes student education and counseling, parent and teacher education, parent and teacher consultation regarding students, and referral to resources in the community, as needed.  The School Counselor serves as an advocate for students in their academic, social, personal, and emotional development.

Mrs. Nicole Garrett, LMFT, is the School Counselor for all three divisions. She designs the services of the school counseling program to meet the ages and developmental level of students. Mrs. Garrett strives to be a supportive presence in all divisions, so students and their families will feel comfortable and confident in seeking assistance from her, as needed. Discretion in meeting with the counselor, which is a particular concern for older students, is emphasized and student confidentiality is protected.

In the Lower School, Mrs. Garrett makes regular visits to classes, providing classroom guidance on such topics as friendship, emotions, self-awareness, and coping skills. Mrs. Garrett also serves as a resource for teachers and parents, offering education and consultation to assist individuals or groups of students. Furthermore, Mrs. Garrett provides individual counseling to Lower School students by parent, teacher, or student self-referral, and keeps in contact with parents regarding their children’s use of this service.

Individual counseling becomes a greater component of student support in Middle School, when academic and social opportunities and challenges increase. Additionally, Mrs. Garrett works with a team to provide the Human Development curriculum across the grades and coordinates the drug and alcohol education and prevention program for 8th graders. Mrs. Garrett frequently communicates with Middle School parents in support of their children.

For Upper School students, autonomy is a more salient part of their participation in individual counseling. Mrs. Garrett receives a greater number of self-referrals in this division, compared to the younger levels, and students have a stronger voice in how they utilize the service. Upper School students’ individual meetings are treated as confidential, except for special circumstances outlined in the student handbook. School counseling services for Upper School Students also include coordination of the drug and alcohol education and prevention program and efforts to build relationships with students in a number of ways, not just those that are problem-focused.

Mrs. Garrett also offers a parent resource library to current Sayre families within the Parent Portal. To access the library, log in and look for the Resources section on the right-hand side of the home page. Additionally, parents may access a virtual parent hub at Mrs. Garrett's Sayre School Counseling Parent Hub.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Sayre School’s school counseling program, please contact Mrs. Garrett at (859) 244-2734 or


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