Sayre Library Resources:
The Supreme Court in U.S. History

A.  Sayre Library Books in the Reference Section (Located on Upper Level) 

1. R 342.73 ENC  Encyclopedia of the American Constitution 
Alphabetically arranged articles, in 6 volumes, discussing constitutional law, people, judicial decisions, historical periods; volume 6 includes case index, name index and subject index including info on how to read a citation.

2. R 347.73 FIN  Landmark Decisions of the United States Supreme Court
More than one thousand of the Court's most important decisions listed chronologically; entries are brief but include the vote, author of opinion and how justices voted; case and subject indexes.

3. R 347.73 FRI  The Justices of the United States Supreme Court: Their Lives and Major Opinions  
Comprehensive biographical essays in 5 volumes; index in vol. 5 plus interesting appendixes (stats on the court, seat chart, acts of Congress held unconstitutional etc.)

4. R 347.73 HAR  Landmark Supreme Court Cases 
Brief essays arranged by topic: abortion, antitrust, civil rights etc.; each case listed contains statement of key issues, history of the case, summary of arguments, aftermath, significance, related cases, recommended reading.

5. R 347.73 MAU  Illustrated Great Decisions of the Supreme Court
Cases arranged alphabetically; also a listing of contents by topic; entries contain decision, background, vote, highlights, excerpts and impact; biographical sketches of justices appended.

6. R 347.73 OXF  The Oxford Guide to United States Supreme Court Decisions
Very brief entries, arranged alphabetically, of 400 of the most important decisions. Though brief, entries contain some of the background and reasoning behind the decision and the impact on society.

7. R 347.73 PAT  The Supreme Court of the United States: A Student Companion
Alphabetically arranged entries cover biographies of the justices, summaries and analysis of key decisions.

8. R 347.73 SUP  The Supreme Court in Conference: 1940-1985, The Private Discussions Behind Nearly 300 Supreme Court Decisions
So you thought the public argument was the most important element in a decision!

9. R 347.73  SUP   The Supreme Court A to Z
Brief entries, arranged alphabetically, on topics, people and cases.

10. R 347.732 US   U.S. Supreme Court
3-vol. set discusses broad types of law, individual pieces of legislation, justices, Court procedures, issues, events, and 126 of the most important Court decisions.

11. R 347.732 OXF   The Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States
Articles on all aspects of the Court's history, personnel, and opertions. Biographies of each justice and entries on important cases and issues.

B. Sayre Library Books in the General Collection

1. Search the Sayre Library Catalog which is found on the Library Homepage of the Sayre School website.

2. Remember to Search by Last Name First (Warren, Earl) or Topic (i.e. Supreme Court) then select Subject search button. Not selecting a search button defaults to a keyword search.

3. Many of the books that will be of interest to you are found on the Upper Level in 342.3.

C. Sayre Library Databases

1. Access through the Library Homepage of the Sayre School Website.

2. User Names and Passwords required for remote access. Available on your Student Portal Page.

3. The following Sayre databases will be the most useful for this project: 

American Government
Select "Explore a Topic"/Judicial Branch/Landmark Cases/Primary Sources. Also note info under Related Entries on the right
Select Chicago Citation at the bottom of each entry

Use the Home Page search box.
Most useful for topics: Separation of Church and State
Use Filter My Results on the left. Can select Govt. and Court Documents
Select Chicago Citation at the bottom of each entry

ABC-Clio e-Books
Full text of over 600 books!
Select subject: most will be found under Politics, Law, Govt.
Try Rights and Liberties as well as Supreme Court
OR...enter topic in home page text box, ie Bush v. Gore
Key must expand the categories by clicking on the + symbol

Academic Search Complete

Supports scholarly research in key areas of academic study. More than 8,000 full-text journals, 13,600 indexed and abstracted journals, and PDF content dating back as far as 1887.

Primarily a newspaper and magazine database will be of most use to those with more current or very important cases.


D. Useful Websites:

University of Kentucky College of Law Library Guide to Supreme Court Research This guide is designed to provide an overview of available resources for conducting SCOTUS research.

University of Kentucky InfoKat

This is the University of Kentucky Libraries' online catalog. "The University of Kentucky, the flagship public university for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is a research-extensive, land-grant university dedicated to improving people’s lives through excellence in teaching, research, health care, cultural enrichment, and economic development.  As the premier research library in the commonwealth, UK Libraries provides ever-expanding access to quality information resources, teaching and learning programs and services, and excellent learning spaces. UK Libraries plays an essential role in the University’s goal to elevate the quality of life and enhance the intellectual and economic capital within Kentucky" ("About the UK Libraries," The University of Kentucky Libraries, July 2013).

The Oyez Project

The Oyez Project at Chicago-Kent is a multimedia archive devoted to the Supreme Court of the united States and its work.  It aims to be a complete and authoritative source for all audio recorded in the Court since the instillation of a redording system in 1955.
Features US Supreme Court Center
All decisions since 1790s

Cornell Legal Information Institute
Full text of decisions from May 1990 to present, posted same day as released
600 historic decisions dating back to Court's beginning

Full text of all decisions from 1893 to present

U.S. Supreme Court Website
Official site of the Court

Supreme Court Historical Society
Opinions of notable cases

 E. Podcasts:

More Perfect

In each episode of the podcast, a different supreme court issue or case is discussed, giving a behind the scenes look.


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