Upper School Writing Standards


Checklist for All Papers 
Checklist for Research Papers


Checklist for All Papers Written at Sayre School

Use the following check list as a guide for every paper that you write at Sayre, for every class, from math to French to biology to history to English. Individual teachers may alter these expectations on individual assignments:

___1.   Do you have a point? (a thesis, a hypothesis?)

           Virtually always this point should be stated in the first paragraph, and referred to   
           regularly throughout your paper.

___ 2.  Is your paper organized?

           Some arrangements of arguments are from strongest to weakest, weakest to
           strongest, chronological, sequential ... and many more.

           Standard organizational form is the following:
           ___ a.  Introduction
           ___ b.  Supporting Arguments (several paragraphs)
           ___ c.  Conclusion

___ 3. Do you have lots of evidence?

___ 4. Is each item of your evidence discussed, evaluated, and tied into your point?

____5. Is all of your evidence cited?

           "Cited" means "referred to." Do you say where you have gotten each of your       
           pieces of evidence?

           Two standard forms of citation are the following:
           ___ a. In-text citation (mentioned in the text of your paper, in 
                     parentheses, footnotes, or end notes)
           ___ b. End citation (presented at the end of your paper, in a "Works Cited" list,   
                     also referred to as a bibliography)

___ 6.  Did you revise?
            ___ a.   Read aloud.  Does the paper flow smoothly?
            ___ b.   All evidence cited?
            ___ c.   Sentences complete?
            ___ d.   Paragraphing in order?
            ___ e.   Spell-checked?

___7.   Did you include transitions?

           Does one idea connect to the next?  Did you include transitional words like also,
           therefore, too, but, however, nevertheless, still?


Research Paper Checklist

Every paper you hand in at Sayre Upper School involving research, from an analysis of a novel to a researched lab report to a full-blown research paper should, at a minimum, include the following items. Individual teachers may add, subtract, or revise this list as necessary.

___ 1. Name and Date

___ 2. Check List (this form, checked off)

___ 3. Title

___ 4. Citations ( specific information about where ideas have come from)

          Citations may take the form of parentheses, footnotes, or end notes. 
          See "How to Cite" in the Research and Writing section of this website.

___ 5. Works Cited List (Bibliography)

          See "How to Cite" examples in the Research and Writing section of this website.

___ 6. Proofreading
            ___ a. Revision as necessary (try reading paper aloud)
            ___ b. Complete sentences
            ___ c. Paragraphing
            ___ d. Spell-checking

___ 7. Honor Pledge and signature.

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