How to Cite Sources

Citation Examples
Citing Sayre Library Databases
In-text Citation
Avoiding Plagiarism
Citation Creation Tools
Checklist for Sayre Research Papers 

Unless instructed otherwise, you should use the MLA format for sources listed on your Works Cited page or your Bibliography. Note that Sayre History Dept. requires the Chicago format. Be sure to check with your teacher to see which is required.                                 

A.  Examples:                                               

     1. OWL at Purdue           
         Format and examples for MLA, Chicago and APA 
     2. KYVL 
Citation guide

    3. OSLIS        
        MLA Citation Maker    

B.  Citing Sayre Library Databases
ow to Cite examples are found on each database Home Page.
        Access databases from the Databases page.

          American Government
          American History
          World History/ Ancient
          World History/ Modern
          World Geography
        ABC-Clio e-Books
        Discovery Education        
        SIRS: Researcher and Decades

C. Examples of In-Text Citation
Follow these examples for the correct way to refer to sources within the body of your

     1. OWL at Purdue
Format for MLA in-text citations 

      2. KYVL
Citation guide

D. Avoiding Plagiarism               

       1. OWL at Purdue           
           This resource offers advice on how to avoid plagiarism in your work.

        2. Plagiarism Court: You Be The Judge            
            From Fairfield University, entertaining presentation on plagiarism. 
            Test your skills with a quiz.

         3. Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Recognize, Avoid It             
             Writing Tutorial Services at Indiana University gives examples of acceptable and
             unacceptable paraphrases as well as strategies for avoiding plagiarism. 

E. Citation Creation Tools:

Writing correct citations for all the sources you use may be challenging for two reasons: first, the format is revised from time to time; second, the information you need from web pages is often difficult to find. Therefore, you may want to use one of the bibliography creators listed below. They are not perfect, but they will get you started. 
      1. EasyBib

      2. OSLIS Citation Maker 

F. Checklist for Sayre Research Papers

Every paper you hand in at Sayre School involving research, from an analysis of a novel to a researched lab report to a full-blown research paper should, at a minimum, include the following items. Individual teachers may add, subtract, or revise this list as necessary.

___ 1. Name and Date

___ 2. Check List (this form, checked off)

___ 3. Title

___ 4. Citations ( specific information about where ideas have come from)

          Citations may take the form of parentheses, footnotes, or end notes. 
          See "How to Cite" in the Research and Writing section of this website.

___ 5. Works Cited List (Bibliography)

          See "How to Cite" examples in the Research and Writing section of this website.

___ 6. Proofreading
            ___ a. Revision as necessary (try reading paper aloud)
            ___ b. Complete sentences
            ___ c. Paragraphing
            ___ d. Spell-checking

___ 7. Honor Pledge and signature.

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