Academic Services

Sayre’s Department of Academic Services provides a variety of direct and indirect supports to maximize student achievement. Currently, our program offers student support in the following areas: Academic Learning Specialist Support, Reading Intervention, ADHD/Organizational Coaching and Speech Therapy. We are able to support students Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, with a continuum of services across divisions. We are also able to support families in finding qualified outside academic tutoring, and offer referral services for occupational therapy and psychoeducational evaluations. We also partner with a variety of outside local organizations to provide space on campus and flexibility with student schedules to allow for additional services to be provided during student school days.

Students with diagnosed learning differences as well as those who just need additional academic support are eligible to enroll in our services. An Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) may be created for a student with a diagnosed learning difference to accommodate specific needs. Specialists work to remediate skills and communicate regularly with teachers and parents to ensure accommodations are successful. Strengthening students’ executive functions and organizational skills is a focus of our qualified staff’s approach to academic support. Students benefit from specialist’s close contact with Sayre’s faculty and their intimate knowledge of our curriculum. Students are scheduled for Academic Services as space permits; students who have received services previously and demonstrate the greatest need are given first consideration.

Meet Our Staff

Jacyln Neistat
Director of Academic Services

Beth Bates
Learning Specialist, US

Bennett Civils
Reading Intervention/Literacy Specialist, MS/US

Cynthia Lee
Reading Intervention, LS

Amy Mitchell
Math Learning Specialist, MS/US

Maggie Richardson
Learning Specialist, US

Amy Scarboro
Learning Specialist, LS

Sara Schuer
Learning Specialist, MS

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