Middle School iPads

Through Sayre's Middle School 1-to-1 iPad Program, students in Grades 6 - 8 use  dedicated personal computing devices throughout the school day and beyond. Each student in Grades 6 - 8 begins the academic year with a current-generation iPad leased, insured, and serviced through the school. The Upper School will continue its 1-to-1 laptop program which officially launched in 2004.

Educational technology is an integral part of the teaching and learning process in all grades at Sayre School. Together our faculty and students use technology as an educational tool to create, collaborate, and communicate. 

The 1-to-1 iPad Program reflects the school’s commitment to prepare students for the 21st century and evolved directly from Sayre's mission to “Provide an innovative and inclusive learning environment" in an equitable, student-centered, and progressive community.

Why 1-to-1?

1-to-1 is one of the hallmarks of progressive education. The Sayre Middle School iPad program:

  • Enhances collaborative classroom practices, inquiry learning, and individual pacing
  • Allows students to organize the complex learning process by consolidating study tools and multiple learning resources on one always-available device
  • Helps students become knowledgeable consumers who critically evaluate information and media, and who creatively express and publish their knowledge in a variety of formats
  • Supports a variety of learning styles with audio, video, and speech tools students can customize to suit their needs
  • Promotes the development of globally connected learners with a broader understanding and appreciation for diverse and multicultural viewpoints
  • Enables communication, creative expression, and the pursuit of learning passions both inside and outside the classroom

Why iPads?

As our culture evolves technologically, we need tools that are mobile and compatible with many different environments. The iPad fits these requirements. Many of our students are comfortable and familiar with the touch interface of a tablet, and find the environment to be user-friendly. Perhaps most importantly, there are numerous applications available for the iPad to aid and enrich learning.

Since its introduction in the spring of 2010, the iPad has emerged as one of the leading new tools in education. The iPad is durable and versatile, and runs on today's most advanced, stable, and secure operating system. 

How does a 1-to-1 program benefit student learning?

Research indicates that when students have their own devices, the potential exists to differentiate and enhance learning by:

  • further expanding opportunities for collaboration
  • allowing for varied teaching strategies
  • providing students with opportunities to engage with lessons at all times and in all places
  • empowering students with access to resources, people, and content, thereby extending learning beyond the walls of the classroom
  • helping students organize and store their learning materials on one device - including electronic textbooks and binders, notes, video, audio, and graphics
  • providing additional tools to help students personalize their preparation and learning practices
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