Middle School iPads

1-to-1 iPad Program Overview
Because an iPad is lightweight and durable and remains charged for the entire school day, it has proven an ideal work tool for the middle schooler. Teachers in all disciplines require that students bring charged iPads to class daily.

Sayre owns, manages and supervises student iPads, and students return them to the school when they complete 8th grade. School iPads are only for school use. Students are asked to use family-owned devices for recreation or on vacations when a student does not have school work to do on the school-owned device.
We issue an iPad to each entering middle schooler. The student will use that iPad through grade 8. Teachers of grades 5 through 8 have students take iPads home daily. 

The devices are configured for middle schoolers’ grade levels and by teacher recommendations. Additional apps are installed throughout the year by teacher request. Certain restrictions are applied to the devices which limit or disallow a user’s ability to modify the iPad’s settings and content, and system apps deemed unnecessary (such as Messages and Game Center) are not accessible.

 A student is not permitted to install apps or content on a school iPad.

Student iPads are covered by a 4-year Applecare+ warantee provided exclusively to schools. When an iPad is accidentally broken, the student should immediately bring the device to the Tech Coordinator so that a loaner can be set up and the broken device replaced. When an iPad covered by Applecare+ is physically damaged, the Apple Store arranges a replacement for $50. Applecare covers this low-cost replacement only twice. Sayre will pay for one accidental breakage.

If a student should accidentally break her iPad a second time, the family is responsible to pay the $50. While it is uncommon, a third break requires the family to pay the school the full price of replacing the device. In this instance, Sayre would purchase the device from Apple at educational discount, or roughly $300 (2020-21).

If a student breaks an iPad out of negligence or flagrant violation of school guidelines, the student’s family is responsible for any costs incurred. Examples would be a student leaving an iPad someplace where it is broken, spilling a beverage on the device or otherwise mishandling the device in careless ways. 
Thanks for reading this overview. We appreciate you also reading the iPad Guidelines with your middle schooler. Written by teachers, these guidelines remind students not only what is expected of them at school, but also how to care for their devices and ready them for classes. Please re-enforce these guidelines at home.

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