Laptop Support

Simplifying the manufacturer and model options helps the tech staff at Sayre provide optimum support and streamline the educational process in the Upper School. Our Upper School teachers are not computer experts, and by providing them with a consistent and uniform teaching environment, we help to minimize any technical issues and move more quickly to the exciting process of incorporating the laptops into the educational experience.

  • Configuration of the laptop is coordinated by the Technology Department
  • Students participate in the Open App event, an initial training session, that allows them to begin school already prepared for using the laptop in class
  • Laptop image is stored on the school network for rapid restore in case of software problems
  • Technology Department configures automatic Windows and antivirus definition file updates
  • All record keeping, calls to manufacturer, repairs, operating system and software updates are handled by the Technology Department
  • Technology Department staff expedite hardware repair process through Lenovo or Apple
  • Laptop loaner pool is available for use when laptop repair is required *
  • Ongoing technical support is provided as long as the laptop is being used at Sayre School

  * The loaner pool is part of the overall technical support package the school provides to those students who have the Sayre laptop. If a student will be without the laptop for any length of time, the Tech Department will provide the student with a loaner laptop so that no valuable class time is missed. The Lenovo and Apple laptops have modular components that we may swap into the loaners so that students have replacement laptops that perform like the machine they're used to.

External Storage Device Recommendations

Sayre School strongly recommends that all students purchase an external storage hard drive, in order to back up all files. Options and storage sizes are now cheap and plentiful.

  • USB and Firewire 400 or 800 ports
  • At least 1 terabyte (TB) of storage space
  • Disk speed of at least 5400 RPM (faster is better)
  • Ability to connect to Mac OS and Windows OS

Here is a list of external storage devices that suit our recommendations:

Each of these drives costs under $150 and can be purchased from various retailers, including the Apple retail store.

If you need to file an accidental damage claim with Safeware please call the school to initiate the claim.  If you are no longer with the school and need to initiate the claim yourself you may call at 1-888-662-6924 or Safeware at 1-800-800-1492.


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