Upper School Laptops

For the 2021-2022 school year, families of incoming ninth graders and all other new Upper School students are required to purchase an Apple laptop. We recommend certain models based on size and specs, but others may work so contact us if you have questions.

If you have not purchased your Mac laptop, please start shopping now and let us know if you have questions. Remember to use the Apple Education link in the "Which Apple models do you recommend this year?" section below to get the education discount.

Once you purchase your laptop, power it on and get started with it! We will email instructions on how to get the software that we provide to you, or feel free to email us in advance and we'll send you the information.

We are a Google GMail school, so we will send new students an email on how to get logged in to their Sayre Gmail account.

Why purchase the recommended school model?

Having a consistent laptop environment in the classroom expedites the learning process. Members of the school's technology department recommend laptop computers that will be robust enough to last through four years of high school. We have selected models that are lightweight but tough enough to withstand constant use. With AppleCare, your laptop is protected by three years of hardware warranty and three years of accidental damage insurance (a surcharge applies for accidental damage repairs, see the AppleCare information at time of purchase for more information). 

As part of the laptop program, students and families benefit from the following services provided by the technology department:

  • Configuring the school laptop to work on our network
  • Servicing the laptop if it has technical problems
  • Sending the laptop away for repair if necessary and tracking the process from beginning to end
  • Providing a loaner laptop while a student's laptop is being serviced

Which Apple models do you recommend this year?

Our recommended Apple laptop model for this year is the MacBook Pro 13 inch with at least 256GB SSD storage, at least 8GB memory, and AppleCare for warranty support. List price on the base model is $1,299 plus $269 for three years of AppleCare (pricing as of May 5, 2021), but please use the Education Store link for a discount - we have seen the laptop as low as $1,199 and AppleCare at $199, though those prices may vary depending on any special offers or the timing of your purchase.

The Apple Education Store link is here: https://www.apple.com/us-hed/shop

Note that you may not see the discounted pricing until you click Buy. 

We recommend these specs with the aim of a laptop that will last all four years at Sayre. Of course, you might consider moving up to a more powerful processor model, adding more disk or memory at time of purchase, or even a 16 inch model if you don't mind carrying around a heavier laptop! Our recommendations should provide a very nice laptop experience for four years, but we know that some families like to spend more up front for a more powerful machine. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

If you are looking to spend a bit less up front, the MacBook Air 13 inch model at $999 list price also meets our specs for 256GB storage and 8GB memory, with AppleCare at $249 ($899 and $229 via education pricing).

We do sometimes see the prices change over the summer, so keep an eye on Apple's site for updates.

What software do I need?

Sayre provides specific software that is required for coursework, including Microsoft Office. We are a Google Workspace institution, so your Sayre email account has access to Google Docs for documents, spreadsheets, presentation and more, all stored in the cloud and accessible from any web browser. You will receive instructions to access your Sayre account during our August laptop orientation sessions.

When you purchase your Apple laptop, you may see an offer to add the Pro Apps Bundle for Education. This software is not required for Sayre, but may be of interest to students that enjoy editing and producing audio and video projects.

Fall 2021 Laptop Checklist

1. Order your laptop and AppleCare online through the Apple Education Store or visit the Summit Apple store.

2. Purchase a case or backpack to keep your laptop safe during travel and between classes.

3. Watch your email for instructions on how to download the software that we provide and to set up your Sayre email account.

We hold laptop orientation sessions during school. During these sessions, we help you configure your laptop and go over some training with Gmail and G Suite as well as software that you will use for coursework. 

Whom do I contact with questions? If you have further questions about the program, please contact Jason Whitaker, Director of Technology and Upper School Technology Coordinator - jwhitaker@sayreschool.org


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