College Scholarship and Financial Aid Information

The list below is a good way to get thinking about the enormous amount of resources out there to help finance a college education. For further help or information, please fe el free to contact the College Counseling Office.

Since many websites will send you information, we recommend you establish a separate “college search” e-mail account which would be accessible to the whole family. This makes it easy to keep track of the huge amounts of information you’ll be receiving and will prevent important items from getting lost in your work or school in-box. Also, work and school e- mail systems might have blocks or filters that work too well!

Note: Out there in the world wide web, you will run in to “scholarship scams”, in which individuals will try to sell you their scholarship search services. Don’t do it!! Everything you need is available to you free. Also, be aware of who sponsors certain websites. Sponsored websites might guide you to their product, or to groups who have paid for the honor. This is not a bad thing, just a heads-up.
Scholarship search engine (free). Asks for a brief profile, and an e-mail address. At the end of each page, it tries to get you to click on options to accept e- mail from their sponsors. Be very careful!
SAT website, but don’t be put off. Lots of good information on scholarships. Click on “student” then click on far right box that says scholarships. No profile needed for the college search.
Federal student aid website, information on Pell grants, Stafford loans, etc.
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) website. Most colleges require you to fill out a FAFSA to determine need-based financial aid.
Incredible resource for scholarships and federal/state aid
Sallie Mae college planning website (click on “paying”)
Watch out for the flashing ads – that’s how they pay for their site, but don’t click on those. Choose “free scholarship searches” and scroll down (past the ads!) to the blue web addresses.
Click on the center icon to access the site. Click on “scholarship search”.
Scholarships for private colleges and universities
Info on Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship
Yet another good search engine for scholarships.
Scholarship search engine
BrainTrack's Financial Aid Guide offers broad coverage, planning assistance, federal aid information, school costs profiles.

*Check with your religious organization or other community groups for other sources of scholarships.

*“Google” your religious affiliation and “scholarship”, and see what comes up. Also, don’t forget to “google” your interests, combined with the word “scholarship”. Just be smart about anything you find in this way.

Financial Aid Terms to Know

EFC  Expected Family Contribution
FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid
COA Cost of Attendance
Need Cost of Attendance minus the Expected Family Contribution
Pell Grants Federally funded statewide, or college-based. Do not need to be paid back.
Stafford Loans Federally funded statewide or college based. Do have to be paid back, including interest.
Work/Study Often federally funded, paid off by employment on campus.
FFELP Federal Family Educational Loan Program, which includes Perkins loans (student loans), Stafford loans (student loans), and PLUS loans (parent loans).
SAR Student Aid Report, which is the result of the FAFSA you file. Financial aid calculators from Financial aid calculators and comparative award calculator
“20 Things you need to know about Financing a College Education”
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