Upper School

“One lesson in specific that I have learned from my classmates is how beneficial an environment where women support other women can be. Whether it’s building up each others’ confidence in the comment section of Instagram, parenting bags of flour together in health class, or leading classroom discussions that ensure everybody’s voice is heard, the women of this class have looked after each other more so than I have seen in other women our age. It is this type of support that I hope we take with us to college.”

~ Maria Murad
Excerpt from her Salutatorian Address to the Class of 2017
University of Pennsylvania

“Each and every person has specific gifts, which must be capitalized upon in order to differentiate themselves for success. It is in this way that all people are equal, even though they are different. One man may have the gift of thought while another may have the gift of strength. They have different gifts, but they both have gifts. The only way one person may rise above another is through how well they capitalize upon these gifts. It is for this reason that you must embrace your individuality, in order to know yourself on the deepest level. Only then can you identify the hand you have been dealt and how best to use it.”

~ Taylor Johnson
Excerpt from his Valedictorian Address to the Class of 2017
Vanderbilt University

Welcome to the Upper School. We provide our students with rich and varied opportunities for academic and personal growth. Our exceptionally diverse curricular offerings and co-curricular programs promote collaboration, exploration and active learning. We encourage students to take risks, develop talents and affinities, and excel in their areas of strength. Our faculty members are expert in their disciplines, and they are compassionate teachers as well. They know their students as people first, acknowledging and valuing their students’ strengths. The Upper School building is designed to facilitate these interactions with open communal gathering spaces such as the central atrium where we hold Morning Meetings, and smaller conference rooms for collaboration and quiet study. Sayre’s college-like campus, located in Lexington's historic district, promotes student autonomy, as they learn to think critically, value honorable behavior, and develop the skills and maturity necessary to succeed in college and beyond.
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