Upper School
 Fakhoury Family

“As we move on from here, we will continue to mold our personalities into who we will become, and in many ways, that is a good thing. On this day, we know more than we ever have, but we still have so far to go, so much more to learn. As we encounter people who are wiser than us, worldlier than us, or simply different than us, it is important to learn from them. It is also important to not lose sight of this key principle: that you are the one thing in life that you have complete control over. Your outlook, your attitude and the way that you treat others are all in your power, so use that for good. Additionally, continue to engage with as many people as possible, as their backgrounds, ideologies, personalities, or mentalities may be something that you need a little bit more of in

your life."

Ellie Webb

Excerpt from her Co-Valedictorian Address, 2018
Georgetown University

“Since the beginning, Sayre has drawn out our individuality.  In second grade, we had what were called “affinity projects”. I chose topics like Aztec and Incan God's and Goddesses, the Great Wall of China, and Piñatas. I got totally engrossed in the activity every time it was assigned, but naturally at the time, I didn’t appreciate its significance. Now I see it as one of the first in a long list of times at Sayre when our teachers let us be ourselves in the best way.  It wasn’t about what exactly we were reading and writing, what mattered was our interest in it, and the push our teachers gave us to dive deep into whatever that was.

The impact of the freedom and opportunities Sayre has offered up to us is apparent in the senior class. We’ve got aspiring artists, engineers, screenwriters, entrepreneurs, songwriters, future judges, scholars and scientists. The greatest part of being with this group of remarkable, ambitious individuals it that we all make each other better. The marks you've made on me, each other, and this community, small and big, will never be forgotten.”

Greg Kimmerer
Excerpt from his Co-Valedictorian Address, 2018
Emory University

Welcome to the Upper School. We provide our students with rich and varied opportunities for academic and personal growth. Our exceptionally diverse curricular offerings and co-curricular programs promote collaboration, exploration and active learning. We encourage students to take risks, develop talents and affinities, and excel in their areas of strength. Our faculty members are expert in their disciplines, and they are compassionate teachers as well. They know their students as people first, acknowledging and valuing their students’ strengths. The Upper School building is designed to facilitate these interactions with open communal gathering spaces such as the central atrium where we hold Morning Meetings, and smaller conference rooms for collaboration and quiet study. Sayre’s college-like campus, located in Lexington's historic district, promotes student autonomy, as they learn to think critically, value honorable behavior, and develop the skills and maturity necessary to succeed in college and beyond.
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