Middle School

Welcome to Sayre's Middle School. The Middle School years are a time of exploration, a time of discovery, and a time of questioning.  Yet before children can explore, discover and question, they must feel safe. Therefore, at Sayre's Middle School, we facilitate the creation of positive relationships and solidify those bonds through open communication, free discussion, and a nurturing environment. Students and their families develop a rapport with each other, with our teachers and with the administration, and it is this united vision that best serves our students as they embrace their education and meet their potential.

Sayre is dedicated to the development of the whole child. We seek to challenge our children academically, while sparking their creativity and curiosity, adapting a program appropriate to their age, and attending to the development of their character, sense of citizenship, and sense of identity and self worth. Therefore, we are committed to providing a curriculum that includes not only the traditional academic core courses (English, Social Studies, World Language, Mathematics, and Science), but also the fine arts, character education, technology, physical education, and co-curricular opportunities in athletics, the arts, and academics.

Kristin Seymour
Head of Middle School

Program Highlights

Students develop skills in time-management, organization, collaboration and self advocacy.

Our average class size of 14 students and a Student-to-Faculty ratio of 8:1 provide unique opportunities for open class discussions, a focus on both creative and expository writing, and individual help from teachers, before, during, or after school.

A 1-to-1 iPad program brings 21st century learning strategies into the classrooms.

Online assignment calendar and report cards, faculty webpages, and online library resources available 24/7.

100% of students take Visual Art, Drama, and Music classes each year.

The daily schedule is designed specifically for the needs of adolescents. Students participate in 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours of Physical Education classes each week, daily recess and morning breaks, and wrap-up sessions at the conclusion of every day.

Middle School students have multiple opportunities to present publically the results of their research and original work.

An Elective period provides opportunities for exploration in drama, community art, chorus, Quick Recall, videography, and other technology topics.

A weekly Flex Period affords time within the schedule to conduct All School programs, grade level meetings, and division-wide celebrations.

Our proximity to the Upper School allows students to take classes at the Upper School level in Modern Language and Mathematics.

Over 75% of students are involved in one or more school-sponsored athletic teams.

Community service at High Street Neighborhood Center

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