Sayre Lower SchoolSpecialty Classes



The LS art program provides students the opportunity to explore, communicate, and build confidence through art making.  The process-based atmosphere cultivates fearlessness and encourages children to take full ownership in their creations.  Our urban environment creates opportunities for students to explore galleries, go on architectural treasure hunts, build huts in our garden, and become active participants in Lexington’s community engagement through the arts.


LS Music ClassFollowing the Orff-Schulwerk approach to music education, the Lower School music program serves students grade Pk-2 through 4th grade. Preschool and kindergarten music class includes songs and activities such as call and response, echo songs, vocal exploration, creative movement, folk dances, finger plays, puppetry and storytelling. Instruments are used to keep the beat, imitate rhythm, or to provide a creative sound carpet or sound effects. In 1st through 4th grade, students experience a wide variety of music activities including singing, playing instruments, use of body percussion, storytelling, improvisation, creative movement and traditional folk dance. We sing, move, play, and use every square inch of the music classroom!

Technology/Computer Curriculum

Sayre students use technology to acquire information, create, produce, and communicate. In the Lower School, students use a variety of hardware and software to share materials creatively. With guidance, students use the internet to evaluate and acquire information, develop research skills, and experience virtual environments. They learn to format and graphically design a document using word-processing software. Within spreadsheets, students organize data and illustrate mathematical relationships. Students organize information using visual mapping software and create multimedia presentations, manipulating layouts, graphics, audio, and video. Programming and robotics serve to develop creative thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. This curriculum is closely integrated with classroom subject areas, units of study, and project-based learning. Keyboarding is also an integral component of the curriculum, preparing students for increased 1-to- 1 use of devices within the educational setting.

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