Lower School

The early years of childhood are filled with wonder and exploration. We understand that children learn best by doing and strive to cultivate an environment where children are active participants, decision makers, collaborators, and problem solvers.  Life in the Lower School is full of opportunities!

  • Our philosophy of active learning is woven through all of our programs. Students are encouraged to try something new, to take a risk without fear of failure, to build new friendships, and to gain a solid foundation in the academic skills that are the building blocks for success in our global world.
  • Our experienced faculty are dedicated to teaching the whole child. We believe all domains of development (social, emotional, physical, and cognitive) are intrinsically linked with academic achievement.
  • Our balanced, challenging curriculum develops important academic skills and allows children to understand how these fit into the broader world of big ideas.
  • Our strong relationships with students and their families facilitate communication, discussion, and safe exploration.

The Lower School is so pleased to be children’s first “home” in their Sayre journey and we urge you to come and visit so that you can experience firsthand the strength of our academic program, the warmth of our nurturing environment, the enthusiasm of our students and the dedication of our faculty.

Stephen Manella and Greg Kimmerer '18
Greg Kimmerer '18
Emory University, Class of 2022

“Since the beginning, Sayre has drawn out our individuality.  In second grade, we had what were called ‘affinity projects’. I chose topics like Aztec and Incan God's and Goddesses, the Great Wall of China, and Piñatas. I got totally engrossed in the activity every time it was assigned, but naturally at the time, I didn’t appreciate its significance. Now I see it as one of the first in a long list of times at Sayre when our teachers let us be ourselves in the best way.”


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