Parents Advisory Council

The Parents Advisory Council (PAC) involves a few parents directly, and, in theory, involve many more indirectly.  Issues and pertinent information are shared at monthly meetings with the intention of disseminating the information to the larger parent body. The PAC is an advisory committee and therefore is not involved in setting policy within the school.

Lower School PAC

Lindsay Gerrity
Beth Hourigan
Josh Miller
Meighan Muncy
Jennifer Phillips
Courtney Reed
Lauren Saini
Raymond Smith
Meghan Utter
Allyson Yates

Middle School PAC

5th Grade: Julie Cerel, Charles Halton, Beth Hourigan, Tom Stephens
6th Grade:
Lisa Edge, Lorna Patches, Melanie Anderkin
7th Grade:
Avi Brisman, Mike Trout, Molly Yandell, Fatima Warren

8th Grade: Christian Thalacker, Blake Adams, Whitney Collins, Mayuko Ashida

Upper School PAC

9th Grade:  Carly Ambrose Atkins, Mandy Deckard, Donna Dennis, Liz Fowler, Christy Harris, Jenn Katko, Kelly Mullins, Jennifer Palumbo, Stacy Robertson, Matt Stockham
10th Grade:  Ronda Curtis, Darren Diguette, Jenny Hays, Kristine Lain, Margaret Marsden, Sara Miedler, Ann Stilz, Megan Winfield
11th Grade:  Jennifer Burchett, Diane Conley, Vonda Cornett, Holly Davis, Jane Patterson, Stacey Slone
12th Grade: Asli Gunasar, Louis Hairston, Julia Huber, Lisa Little

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