Parents Advisory Council

The Parents Advisory Council (PAC) involves a few parents directly, and, in theory, involve many more indirectly.  Issues and pertinent information are shared at monthly meetings with the intention of disseminating the information to the larger parent body. The PAC is an advisory committee and therefore is not involved in setting policy within the school.

Lower School PAC

Susan Arimes
Avi Brisman
Valerie Calloway
Tami Checkoway
Manuel Gonzales
Lorna Patches
Courtney Reed
Amanda Stivers
Elizabeth Swanson
Christian Thalacker
Heather Trout
Robbie Turner

Middle School PAC

6th Grade:  Holly Davis, Mandy Deckard, Matt Stockham, Marilee Varner
7th Grade:
Susan Maines, Jacquelin Murphy, Jason Whitaker
8th Grade: Shireen Ahmad, Diane Conely, Mike Frasca, Anke Thayer

Upper School PAC

9th Grade:  Asli Gunasar, Julia Huber, Ann Locke, Regan Parker, Elizabeth Robbins, David Thomas
10th Grade: Lori Bruelheide, Kristin Clark, Candace Henry, Karen Rowland, Kit Rutherford
11th Grade: Erin Beldy, Mary Ginocchio, Sonja Keating, Monica Spaulding-Mott
12th Grade: Tracy Clinkinbeard, David Helmers, Jennifer Madden, Cindy Peters, Laurie Carter Robinson

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