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Committee Leaders: Gay Barnett and Susan Thornberry

Education for Responsible Decisions

Join us, all parents are welcome!

CHOICES is a parent initiative whose goal is to acquire and utilize appropriate sources for educating parents on social, drug and alcohol issues with young people.  They are part of the comprehensive program at Sayre School that also includes administration, faculty, and students.  Parent involvement plus student education plus faculty and administrative support equals HEALTHY CHOICES.


YCAE (Youth Coalition for Alcohol Education) Presentation

Sayre Upper School students, Clay Barnett, Emma Bilberry and Justin Sanders, are members of the city-wide Youth Coalition for Alcohol Education (YCAE).  They volunteer their time to help educate adults and youth about issues related to underage drinking.  It is inspiring to see them address this tough topic!  See more about their valuable work in this power point presentation.  For further information or questions, you may contact Blythe Jamieson, Sayre School Counselor, or Gay Barnett, Co-leader of the CHOICES parent education group.  Drug Free Lex Presentation

2012 FCD Survey Results

Dedicated effort pays off! We are celebrating the results we received from the FCD student attitudes and behavior survey given in November of 2012. Our students are making even healthier choices not to use alcohol and drugs than in 2010. Improved and added programming for students and parents is having a positive effect! We will continue our comprehensive educational program to keep our students safe and support them as they mature into young adults.

Parent Resources:

Sayre School Drug and Alcohol Policy
Spring Break Tips
Prevention Source e-Journal (FCD), Marijuana: The Health-Based Basics
Engaging Families in Effective Substance Abuse Prevention
Drug Free Website
Drug Chart
Parent Study Hall Lessons

Mayor's Alliance/Fayette County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy

Above the Influence

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc.

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"Since 1976, FCD Educational Services has worked hand in hand with hundreds of schools across the United States and around the world to provide students with the knowledge, understanding, and skills they need to make intelligent, healthy choices about alcohol and other drug use."

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