Sayre Practice Guidelines

Practice Guidelines

Check-in/Arrival Guidelines

Post Practice/Departure Guidelines

Athletic Transportation After School

Sayre Practice Guidelines

1. All participants must complete a current KHSAA physical form and submit it to Tanner Eldridge, Sayre Athletic Trainer, or Cindy Eason, Assistant Director of Athletics before starting to participate in any Sayre sport. 

2. All participants must complete and submit the daily health acknowledgement form.

3. All locker facilities are to be used for changing only until further notice.

4. Players must come prepared to workout and will not have access to changing facilities.

5. In order to participate, each player must bring their own water container and mask and must be checked in by their coach each day.

6. Players who don’t bring their own water container or a mask will not be allowed to participate. We suggest filled water containers of at least one gallon; all containers must be labeled with the player’s name.

7. Athletic participation is a privilege, and players who don’t follow these guidelines may lose this privilege.

8. Extensive return to athletics guidelines provided by the Governor of Kentucky and the KHSAA/CDC will be followed at all times. All resources are available on our resources page.

Check-in/Arrival Guidelines

1. Athletes must report to their designated area wearing a mask and keeping a distance of at least 6 feet from all other participants.

2. All athletes must bring their own water container, mask, and towel.

3. Daily temperature checks and acknowledgements will take place in each group before each practice.

4. Players will be in groups of no more than 10, including one coach. These groups will remain the same during Phase 3.

5. Players will be required to clean their hands with hand sanitizer at the beginning of every workout session and will be provided hand sanitizer during water breaks.

6. Coaches will wear masks at all times, and players will be required to wear masks at any time they are not exercising. Social distancing rules (a minimum of 6 feet between participants) must be followed at all times unless in a contact drill.

Post Practice/Departure Guidelines

1. Players should depart or be picked up within 10 minutes of the published end of practice.

2. Players will not be allowed to remain on campus or at the complex to socialize following the end of practice.

3. Players will be required to wear their masks during departure until they are safely in their cars.

4. Players should depart from their designated group area.

Athletic Transportation After School

1. School transportation will be provided for all team members traveling to the SAC (Sayre Athletic Complex).

2. Bus monitors will escort all MS athletes from the MS building to the buses each afternoon. US students will walk directly from their last class to the buses or to their cars.

3. Buses will be located in the parking lot behind the gym. Athletes cannot board the buses until a bus monitor is present and ready for the students to board.
Athletes MUST wear their masks at all times while on the bus.

4. Athletes will sit two to a seat, boarding from the back of the bus forward, and all windows on the buses will be down. Bus monitors will ride on the buses with the athletes.

5. There is No eating on the bus.

6. Parents who would prefer that their child not ride the bus are welcome and encouraged to drive their athlete to practice.

7. Athletes who are not part of the same household may NOT ride in a car to practice together unless the parents have written consent for this on file with the coach and athletic office. There's a specific form for this, which you must request from Ms. Haden (US) or Ms. Leer (MS). If athletes have permission to ride with someone outside of their household, they must stay masked while in the vehicle.

8. Once athletes arrive at the complex, athletes MUST remain masked. When students get off the bus or out of their parents' car, athletes are to proceed immediately to their team meeting area where their coaches will be ready to take their temperature.

9. Athletes will then be put into groups of five and given a place in line to change into workout gear in the locker room. Athletes must remain physically distanced, both in their group of five and from other groups of five, while waiting in line for their turn to change.

10. Athletes are not permitted to leave anything in the locker rooms during practice, so they are to bring their backpacks and any other items with them when they meet up with coaches after changing. Once athletes arrive at their practice location, they may remove their masks once practice begins.

11. Athletes should keep a plastic trash bag in their backpacks in case it starts to rain, so that they can put their stuff inside that bag to keep it from getting drenched. There will be a trailer parked by field two that students may also use if necessary to store their bags.

12. All students practicing at the SAC must be picked up at the complex within 10 minutes after the end of practice; there is no transportation provided back to the main campus.

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