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Spartan Booster Club


To encourage, promote and support Sayre Athletics as a significant and enriching element in our students’ overall educational experience. To empower our student athletes to achieve excellence, embrace challenge and cultivate integrity in order to lead purposeful lives in an ever-changing world.


As Spartan Booster Club members, we unite in our efforts to support and enhance the athletic experience for all Spartan Athletes. We work cooperatively with the Department of Athletics and our coaches to build enthusiasm, promote sportsmanship and positive values, generate school spirit, and further  Sayre School's mission and the Department of Athletics.

We hope that you will support our mission and Sayre Athletics by becoming a Spartan Booster Club member.

Level Amount Benefits
Young Alumni* $50 Home Game Pass*
Member $75 Spartan Booster Hat
Varsity $250 Hat and Single Season
Family Game Pass*
Champion $500

Hat, 40 oz. Sayre Spartan Booster Club customized Stanley Tumbler, and a Full Year Family Game Pass*

Gold $1000

Hat, 40 oz. Sayre Spartan Booster Club customized Stanley Tumbler, Original Henry Dry Goods Multi-purpose zipper pouch, and a Full Year Family Game Pass*

VIP $1500+

Hat, 40 oz. Sayre Spartan Booster Club customized Stanley Tumbler, Original Henry Dry Goods Multi-purpose zipper pouch, a yellow Spartan Stadium seat, and a Full Year Family Game Pass*

*Young Alumni - 1 to15 years after graduation
*Passes are good for all home games at the gym and SAC with the exception of tournaments and play-off games.


Shelley Slabaugh, President
Leslie Graves, Vice President
Sara Grau, Secretary 
Lindsay Donworth, Corresponding Secretary
Kelly Bradley, Treasurer
Piper Stockham

Spartan Booster Club Members 2023-2024

Dr. Nick Abedi and Dr. Courtney Markham Abedi
Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Acevedo
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Anderkin Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Anderson
Mr. Timothy Arndt and Ms. Julie M. O'Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. T. Carson Asbury
Mr. and Mrs. Masakazu Ashida
Mr. and Mrs. Ross S. Babbit
Dr. and Mrs. Arvind K. Bansal
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Barntsen
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bates
Mr. Tim Bator
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Beall
Ms. Jacqueline Bernard
Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Berryman
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Bickley
Mr. and Mrs. Darren S. Bilberry
Mr. James and Dr. Kelly Bradley
Mr. William J. Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. David Brennan
Dr. Craig Butler II and Dr. Carina Butler
Dr. and Mrs. Clinton Calzini
Dr. Ryan C. Cassidy and Dr. LaDonya R. Cassidy
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Cauthen
Rev. Canon Joseph Chambers and The Rev. Canon Amy C. Cortright
Mr. and Mrs. Derrick A. Christopher
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C. Civils
Mr. and Mrs. Will Coffman
Mr. Shawn and Dr. DeShana Collett
Ms. Anna Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Coppedge
Mr. and Mrs. Almon Corrigan III
Mr. Joe Ruel and Mrs. Emily H. Cowles
Mr. Larmon S. Cowles and Dr. Cristina V. Cowles
Dr. and Mrs. Ruel Cowles
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Cox
Ms. Elizabeth Davis
Mr. and Mrs. C. Garyen Denning
Mr. Shane Dixon and
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Donworth
Dr. Stephen T. Duncan and Dr. Marcy Duncan
Drs. Johnathon and Lisa Edge
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. England
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Evans
Dr. and Mrs. Luke H. Fallon
Mr. John R. Farris
Mr. and Mrs. Jim O. Fenwick III
Dr. Cody Foster
Mr. and Ms. Josh Frederick
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Gaines
Mr. Keith M. Gallagher and Ms. Joy Bowling
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Garrett Jr.
Mr. Gary N. Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Goodman, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Grau
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Greer
Mr. Christopher Grill and Ms. Maggi O'Neill
Ms. Robin Haden
Miss Nora E. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Van Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Tharun Karthikeyan
Mr. and Mrs. Randall E. Kinder
Dr. and Mrs. John Kitchens
Mr. Matthew Longbottom and Ms. Laurence Jobaze
Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Luring
Mr. and Mrs. Damian C. Lynch
Ms. Robin Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Prakash Maggan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Mahler
Dr. John Masters and Dr. Francie Masters
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Matheny
Mr. and Mrs. Scott McDaniel
Mr. Michael B. McKay and Ms. Elizabeth A. Swanson
Mr. Michael L. McKinney
Mr. and Mrs. Jervis Middleton
Ms. Aimee Miller
Mr. Griffin Miller
Mrs. Barb Milosch
Drs. Gregory and Susan Monohan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery T. Monohan
Dr. Ashley Montgomery Yates and Ms. Allyson Yates
Mr. Noel A. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Jason J. Nahra
Mr. and Mrs. Danny S. Neely II
Dr. Jacob Neely
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Newton
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Offutt V
Mr. Jeff D. Oldham and Dr. Carolyn A. Oldham
Ms. Allison Pannell
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Pennington
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perez
Mrs. Delia Pergande
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Perry
Mr. and Ms. John Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Pitman
Mrs. Heron H. Presson
Dr. George Quintero and Dr. Margaret Ann Quintero
Mr. James C. Reesor and Mrs. Heather Hudson
Drs. James and  Paige Rice
Ms. Tyra Richardson Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Keith O. Roberts
Mr. Tom Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Steve H. Rusing
Dr. and Mrs. Alok Saini
Mr. Adam Samples
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Sara Schuer
Mr. Andrew Schwartz
Drs. Charles and Kirsten Scoggin
Ms. Aoife Shah
Mr. and Mrs. Jason G. Sharp
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Simon
Mr. Teague Sims and Dr. Laura Bonzo-Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Singer
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Slabaugh, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Geoff J. Smarte
Mr. and Ms. John Smithwick
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Staley
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Steinberg
Mr. Thomas Barrow Stephens and Ms. Boyce Leigh Powers
Mr. Matt and Mrs. Piper Stockham
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Stout
Mr. Jason A. Stuart and Rev. Elizabeth N. King
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stump
Dr. John C. Thomas and Rev. Dr. Keila C. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Thornberry
Mr. and Ms. Brian Tomlinson
Mr. and Mrs. Andres Walsen
Mr. Dante Ward and Mrs. Stefanie Bell
Mr. and Mrs. David Warren
Mr. Matthew Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Watson
Ms. Patty Watts
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Watts
Mr. Tim Webb Beatty and Mrs. Liz Beatty
Mr. Karl and Mrs. Debbie Wheeler
Dr. Christopher Wieting and Dr. Thuy T. Vo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Williams Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Woodworth