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Spartan Booster Club


To encourage, promote and support Sayre Athletics as a significant and enriching element in our students’ overall educational experience. To empower our student athletes to achieve excellence, embrace challenge and cultivate integrity in order to lead purposeful lives in an ever-changing world.


As Spartan Booster Club members, we unite in our efforts to support and enhance the athletic experience for all Spartan Athletes. We work cooperatively with the Department of Athletics and our coaches to build enthusiasm, promote sportsmanship and positive values, generate school spirit, and further  Sayre School's mission and the Department of Athletics.

We hope that you will support our mission and Sayre Athletics by becoming a Spartan Booster Club member.

Level Amount Benefits
Young Alumni* $50 Home Game Pass*
Member $75 Spartan Booster Hat
Varsity $250 Hat and Single Season
Family Game Pass*
Champion $500 Hat, 30 oz. Yellow Sayre Spartan Booster Club YETI Tumbler, and Full Year Family Game Pass*
Gold $1000 Hat, Yellow YETI Lowlands Blanket, and Full Year Family Game Pass*
VIP $1500+ Hat, Henry Dry Goods Sayre Spartan Hugh Holdall Bag, and Full Year Family Game Pass*
*Young Alumni - 1 to15 years after graduation
*Passes are good for all home games at the gym and SAC with the exception of tournaments and play-off games.


Mr. and Mrs. Brent Adams
Mr. Aaron Ammerman
Mr. and Mrs. Masakazu Ashida
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Atkins
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Atkins
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Barntsen
Ms. Jacqueline Bernard
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh F. Bloomfield
Mr. Chris Bowling and Ms. Gwynn Fister-Bowling
Mr. James and Dr. Kelly Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Brown
Dr. Craig D. Butler and Dr. Carina L. Butler
Mr. Shawn and Dr. DeShana Collett
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Collins
Dr. Sean T. Cornett and Mrs. Vonda K. Tolliver-Cornett
Mr. and Mrs. Almon Corrigan
Mr. Joe Ruel and Mrs. Emily H. Cowles
Dr. and Mrs. Ruel Cowles
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Deckard
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Greer
Dr. and Mrs. Jason Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Jones
Mr. Christopher M. and Dr. Kristine Lain
Mr. Matthew Longbottom and Ms. Laurence Jobaze
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Luring
Mr. and Mrs. Damian C. Lynch
Ms. Robin Lyons
Dr. and Mrs. John P. Marsden
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Matheny
Mr. and Mrs. Drew McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Miller
Drs.Gregory and Susan Monohan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery T. Monohan
Dr. Ashley Montgomery-Yates and Ms. Allyson Yates
Dr. Vinod Muniswamy and Ms. Sweta Dhanpal
Mr. Noel A. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Travis K. Musgrave
Mr. Brian D. Nash and Dr. Sarah Iqbal-Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Newton
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Offutt V
Dr. William N. Offutt IV
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Palumbo
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Pennington
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Pitman
Dr. Christopher Michael and Mrs. Fumi Rich
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Richardson
Drs. Charles and Kirsten Scoggin
Mr. and Mrs. Jason G. Sharp
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Slabaugh
Dr. Eric F. Smith
Dr. Melissa P. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Stockham
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stump
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Swan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael X. Wang
Mr. and Mrs. David Warren
Ms. Fatima Warren
Mr. and Mrs. David White
Mr. Kevin Willis and The Rev. Anisa Willis
Mr. Brian C. Wood


Shelley Slabaugh, President
Leslie Graves, Vice President
Vonda Cornett, Secretary
Kelli Webb, Corresponding Secretary
Kelly Bradley, Treasurer
Jay Atkins, Sponsorships