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Visual Arts

Sayre’s visual art program provides a diverse range of opportunities for students to develop their personal aesthetic while understanding that, as artists, they possess the capability to shape the world around them. By establishing a developmentally appropriate, sequential arts curriculum, we empower students to develop technical and conceptual skills for critical thinking, risk taking and decision-making.  Visual art instructors are artists who lead by example through active community engagement and contemporary art practices.
Visual arts experiences throughout all divisions at Sayre embrace individual expression and active learning. Students experience a wide range of exposure to diverse cultural events in our urban location as well as globally.  By developing visual literacy, verbal language, and fine motor skills, students gain confidence to participate more fully in their lives. 

The preschool visual art curriculum recognizes the importance of creative play in developing curiosity and innovation. In the Lower School, the curriculum continues to focus on creative play with a growing emphasis on skill building, developing personal aesthetics, visual literacy and contextual learning.
Art at the Middle School embraces the opportunity to delve further into art making processes, genres, skills, cultures, symbolism.  The Upper School visual art curriculum encourages and allows students to concentrate and develop their interests and skills with various 2 and 3 dimensional media. Students and faculty visit local galleries and welcome visiting artists to enhance and reinforce the total art studio experience.

In the Upper School, students develop their skills in 2D and 3D studio art and can progress to drawing, painting, ceramics, and advanced classes, including AP Studio Art.  Visual art students also participate in exhibits on the Sayre campus and in the community.