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Tate Russell Sherman '99

Tate Russell Sherman

In the spring of 1999, a group of seniors decided they wanted to go on a cruise for their Spring Break vacation. A lot of ideas are great, but putting them into motion is the real trick. Enter Tate Russell Sherman. Tate always had a knack for organizing events and seeing them through. Thanks to her, the seniors had an unforgettable experience. This is just one of the many traits that make Tate the success she is today.

Former Sayre girls’ basketball coach, Darrin Travillian, described Tate as the perfect teammate, always more concerned about others than herself. Often found in the backcourt with her sister Kelli ’01, the duo led the team with enthusiasm and an unwavering spirit. On and off the court, Tate’s organization and team spirit would prove to serve her well in the future.

Presently, Tate is the Vice President of Kentucky Eagle, certainly a job which incorporates all of her many talents. She is married to Josh Sherman ’99, owner of PLOT Landscaping and they reside here in Lexington. When not on their boat at Lake Herrington, the two are busy with their demanding jobs and giving back to the community.

An Interview with Tate

What brought you and your family to Sayre School?

My mother, Ann Bakhaus, is a Sayre Alumni.   The exceptional education that she received at Sayre is what led her to enroll my sister, brother, and me there.

How many years were you here?

4th grade- 12th grade (9 years)

Where did you attend college?

Ole Miss - Hotty Toddy!

What is your favorite memory of Sayre?       

A favorite memory is definitely having Tom Grunwald as my homeroom and history teacher in high school. And, of course, playing basketball on the Women’s basketball team!

How did Sayre prepare you for your life today?

Aside from the traditional education, I’d have to say the contacts that I made and still keep in touch with today helped to prepare me for my life today. Also, I married one of my classmates, Josh Sherman, so Sayre is partially responsible for that as well…otherwise, we may have never met! J

What is your current occupation?

Vice President at Kentucky Eagle, Inc.

Your family’s ongoing support of Sayre demonstrates the importance of the institution in your lives. What motivates your generosity?

Everything that Sayre gave to my mom when she was in school there, my brother, sister, and myself, when we were in school there- that’s what motivates us to want to give back and see Sayre continue to grow as an educational institution.

If asked, what are the most important things you would tell parents and/or perspective students about Sayre?

Of course, the education is bar none, but I think the small class sizes. This enables the teachers to give individual attention to each student to ensure that they fully understand and are excelling on the current task and/or subject at hand.