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Blueprints to Success

Lauren Shepherd, Class of 2018

Lauren Shepherd

For some, history can be cumbersome, for others, history is more than just an hour in a classroom, but rather something wonderful. Downtown Lexington has seen several historic buildings transform from old, dilapidated buildings, into works of art in recent years, such as the newly renovated Court House on Main Street. Senior Lauren Shepheard dreams of one day pursuing her artistic side combined with her appreciation for history to help bring architectural wonders back to life. Lauren has all the intangibles for success; she is smart, has an infectious smile, and a focus that will serve her well as she pursues her dreams.

As a transfer student her sophomore year, Lauren made an immediate impact as a leader in our community. As an athlete, she set several school records in the swimming pool. In student government, Lauren was elected as the Senior class Vice-President. In the fall, she will take her talents to The University of Tennessee (Go Big Blue!) where she will study architecture.

1)      You are a senior at Sayre and you were offered the opportunity to sit in construction meetings regarding the New Lower School. How did this come about?

The seniors are asked to sit down with Mr. Manella before their last year begins. This is a great opportunity and it shows how much the administration cares about the students. During my meeting with Mr. Manella we started talking about my past internship and work history, and all of my goals for the future as well. The whole opportunity just fell perfectly into place and worked well with my schedule.

2)      What advantages did the meetings provide you?

I was able to sit in on the Lower School construction meetings with architects, contractors, and engineers. It was especially interesting to hear all of the jargon that surrounds the field. I was able to work on my people skills and feel more prepared for college and the “real world.” I am also thankful to have made connections with a few architects and University of Tennessee graduates. The new Lower School will be a beautiful building and an educational dream come true for teachers and students alike. I am definitely jealous of the kids who get to have classes there.

3)      Where will you attend college and what do you plan to study? Why did you pick this particular school?

I will be attending the University of Tennessee in the fall and I will be studying architecture. Later on, I hope to attend a graduate program in historic preservation and become a restoration architect. I fell in love with architecture at a young age when my parents took me to visit Falling Water, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous buildings. I have always been interested in architecture and design, and that love continues to grow whether it is through traveling, driving around, or scrolling endlessly through Pinterest. I stumbled across the program at Tennessee and immediately fell in love with the architecture building and the campus as a whole. I am insanely excited to be a Volunteer.

4)      How many years have you attended Sayre?

I have attended Sayre School for three years after transferring my sophomore year. It was one of the best decisions I have made; this is evidently clear through the opportunities I have been granted and the goals I have created for myself.

5)      How has your time at Sayre prepared you for this next step?

Sayre has taught me, not only the basic high school knowledge, but also pertinent communication skills. Attending the construction meetings, participating in internships, and working with the community have helped me more than any class ever could (despite the obvious importance of them). My wonderful teachers have provided an education that I appreciate more than words can describe and I am insanely thankful for the friends I have made. I am grateful to have been a Spartan.