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Distinction in Global Studies

Mission Statement

Sayre School's Global Studies Initiative encourages students to pursue their interest in world cultures and international relations by engaging in diverse academic, social and cultural opportunities. We challenge students to acquire a global perspective, while developing their intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, proficiency in world languages, and ability to grapple meaningfully with international issues – cultural, historical, political and ecological. Ultimately, we hope to inspire students to be responsive to the challenges and benefits of living in an interconnected world.

Course Requirements

  • Four consecutive years of world language or a designated proficiency level
  • Three semesters of Global Studies/interdisciplinary electives

NOTE: Students must earn a minimum of a B- in these courses.

Extracurricular Requirements

  • Participation in one "connecting with culture" experience such as traveling, hosting an exchange student, or performing community service with Kentucky Refugee Ministries or other relevant organizations (minimum of 40 contact hours)
  • Participation in global cultural events (such as talks, webinars, and movies)
  • Active participation in the US Global Studies cohort

Culminating Event

  • Ongoing project or digital portfolio determined by the Global Studies Director and the student resulting in a culminating experience presented to the US Global Studies cohort