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The technology curriculum at Sayre School promotes the progressive development of technology skills. Students learn to acquire and critique information efficiently, share content effectively, and creatively apply their knowledge to new situations encountered within the academic program. The program educates students with the goal of producing flexible lifelong learners through increasing proficiency with and understanding of the underlying principles of current technology tools.

Sayre faculty and staff use technology to streamline tasks, enhance communication, and diversify teaching. The school uses Apple devices with iPads used to enhance learning activities in the Lower School, a one-to-one iPad program in the Middle School where the school provides the devices as part of tuition, and a one-to-one laptop program in the Upper School where families purchase laptops for students with guidance from the school.

All families and students should review the Acceptable Use Policy together. Students must adhere to the guidelines of the AUP in their use of technology both for schoolwork and their interactions with others.

Middle School iPads

Because an iPad is lightweight, durable, and remains charged for the entire school day, it has proven an ideal work tool for the middle schooler. We issue an iPad to each entering middle school student and they should bring fully charged iPads to class daily. Teachers of grades 5 through 8 ask students to take iPads home daily.

Sayre owns, manages, and supervises student iPads, and students return them to the school when they complete 8th grade. School iPads are only for school use. Students are asked to use family-owned devices for recreation or on vacations when a student does not have school work to do on the school-owned device. The devices are configured for middle schoolers’ grade levels and by teacher recommendations. A student is not permitted to install apps or content on a school iPad. More information and iPad guidelines are available in the Resources section of this page.

An iPad orientation session for new Middle School students will take place during the first weeks of school. This session is designed to help students get familiar with their device and make sure that it is set up and ready for school.

Upper School Laptops

Families of all Upper School students are required to purchase an Apple laptop for use at school. We recommend certain models based on size and specs, but other models may suffice. We strongly encourage families to purchase the AppleCare+ warranty to help defer the cost of any unexpected repairs. The Upper School Technology Coordinator will reach out to new families early in the summer with additional information.

Because families/students own their laptops, they are responsible for the up front cost as well as any repair costs. The Upper School Technology Coordinator is happy to work with students to help troubleshoot their device, arrange any repairs with Apple, and provide a loaner laptop when necessary. Students are encouraged to visit the Upper School Technology office for help with any technology issues.

Sayre provides specific software that is required for coursework, including Microsoft Office, so families should not need to purchase any additional software. Instructions will be provided to new students on how to configure their laptop and download the Sayre software and settings. As part of this setup process, Sayre will be given remote management capabilities on the laptop in order to install software and change settings, but students may install additional software or configure their devices as they wish, as long as it does not interfere with school requirements.

Information about laptop purchases and setup will be sent to new Upper School families during the summer and is available in the Resources section of this page. A laptop orientation session for new students will take place during the first weeks of school. This session is designed to help students get familiar with their device and make sure that it is set up and ready for school.

Google Workspace

Sayre is a Google Workspace institution, so a student's Sayre email account is hosted on GMail and has access to Google Docs for documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more, all stored in the cloud and accessible from any web browser or compatible app. Middle School students will receive instructions on how to access their Sayre account during iPad orientation sessions at the start of school, while Upper School students will receive access information during the summer.

Blackbaud Student Information System

Sayre uses the Blackbaud Student Information System for course information, attendance, grades, report cards, and all other aspects of the academic record. Middle and Upper School students will receive instructions on how to access Blackbaud during orientation sessions at the start of school. Parents are given access to Blackbaud when completing enrollment contracts and may login at any time to check their student's academic record and access other resources.