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Our preschool program is built upon our inherent belief that young children are capable learners who need to be given opportunities to explore, engage, express their ideas, and make decisions. Our highly collaborative classrooms utilize a problem-solving approach to learning that is based in play and project work.

Our job in preschool is to use everyday opportunities to help children learn to solve problems, explore their environment, develop their language skills, make friends, and find answers to questions.

Early literacy, numeracy, and fine motor skills are woven into play scenarios and project work in ways that allow children to build strong conceptual understandings and skills while having fun! Our classrooms are often children’s first experience outside their family and we work hard to provide a safe, caring environment for children to gain independence, social competence and pre-academic skills that prepare them for Kindergarten.

If you are a parent of a young child searching for an engaging, balanced program, we invite you to visit our campus and see how our programs come alive!

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